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LINSU, FLY urged to dialogue

The Minister of Youth and Sports (MYS) Mr. D. Zeogar Wilson urges the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) and the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) calling for the dismissal of the Minister of Education Professor D. AnsuSonii to instead, dialogue with the Minister.

The two youth groups insist that they want the Education boss to leave for alleged arrogance towards stakeholders in the education sector.

But the Minister of Youth and Sports his concern has been drawn to the call, because his Ministry is the regulatory body for all youth activities in the country, including those of LINSU and FLY.Minister Wilson’s concern was contained in a news release issued in Monrovia on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

He says recognizing the important role of youth in the promotion of peace and security through dialogue, LINSU and FLY should reflect on the positive outcomes that have been derived from negotiations involving them over the years. “In light of this, I am urging LINSU and FLY to kindly engage in dialogue with the education minister and other stakeholders as means of resolving issues concerning our education sector,” the release quotes Min. Wilson as saying.

Detail of the alleged arrogance by Minister Sonii towards stakeholders in the education sector has not been disclosed, but the Education Minister has been in the news for his inaction over hike in school fees by private institutions across the country, leaving most parents unable to enroll their kids in school this academic year due to lack of money.

Besides hike in the fees, school administrators are compelling parents to purchase uniforms, including sucks, T-shirts and berets being sold in U.S. dollars on campuses.The Liberian Senate recently invited the Education Minister, who owns a school himself, to appear before plenary and speak on the situation that is affecting enrolment across the country amid the prevailing economic hardship.

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