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LINU Will Not Bury Its Dream

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The Political Leader of the Liberia National Union or LINU has disclosed here that the party will not bury its dream and ability by taking hasty decision in forming an alliance with other political parties to contest the upcoming Presidential and Representative Elections in 2017.

 LINU will

According to Mr. Nathaniel Blama, the party leadership was not considering any merger talks for now, because its current interest is to take the party to the upcoming elections.  The LINU Presidential hopeful, addressing reporters at his party office in Sinkor, noted that due to the many political parties, the party will not be deterred, but will rather continue its fight to the nation’s highest seat.

“if there will be a second round, we can assure our partisans that victory will be ours, and knowing if the party gets to that point, there will be victory,” he asserted. The LINU Political Landslip, however, said it was opened for discussion in moving the country forward.

According to Mr. Blama, the party will not collaborate with people with huge population or financiers, saying “what the party is interested in is someone who wants to work to bring a change that the citizens have been opting for over the past years”.

But he indicated that when the executives of the party consider it necessary, especially during the convention when it is brought forth to enter into mergers, there would be no option, but to follow the decision of the convention.

The Political Leader of LINU also noted that there were requirements for diaspora Liberians interested in becoming members of the party.
“We all are just members; it is the convention that will decide who will run on the party’s ticket as Senators, Representatives and political leader, and so, we say this to know the kind of membership and positions others would want in the party,” Blama noted.
Meanwhile, the party Chairman, and Secretary General have sad that their respective role are to assist the executive committee in search for eminent individuals and citizens who may be desirous of contesting the standard bearership and other national offices on the party’s ticket prior to the party’s 2017 national convention, leading it into an alliance with other political parties with shared commitments to the nation and its people.
The LINU executives said they made the decision based on the invaluable contributions Blama has made to the party and people, emphasizing that “the time seems prudent to elevate this illustrious son of the party to its leadership”.

By Lewis S. Teh -Edited by George Barpeen

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