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LISGIS starts census enumeration training Wednesday

The Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) announces start of nationwide training for Census Enumerators on Wednesday, 12th October.

The training had been scheduled for today, Monday, 10th October, but was pushed to Wednesday to enable LISGIS to beef up logistics in ‘difficult-to-reach areas’ nationwide.

In a press release, the Institute says ‘Provisional List of Shortlisted Enumerators has been revised to reflect actual number of enumerators that are expected to report for training on Wednesday at 148 Training Centers across the country.

It notes that selected applicants will be trained for ten days on how to conduct census enumeration, using digital maps and Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) technology. 

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After the training exercise, successful trainees will be deployed nationwide to conduct the actual count of the 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census immediately.

“The 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census is among the first censuses in Africa to employ digital technology from start to finish. The country has been divided into 13,845 Enumeration Areas following the Census Cartography (mapping process) conducted from May 2021 to February 2022. Each Enumeration Area will be allocated to one enumerator to complete during the counting process from 24th October to 7th November 2022.” The release details. 

Meanwhile, LISGIS says it regrets any inconveniences these changes may have caused the applicants, and adds that with the support of partners, it reaffirms readiness to deliver the 2022 Liberia National Population and Housing Census per the set timeline. Press Release

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  1. I in Lofa county Kolahun district and shortlisted but now my name Disappear which i am show that i pass the test and many people who did not apply made has been included while we can not find our’s

  2. I am Junita A . an applicant.
    I did not take the test due to illness. Therefore how can I take the late text

  3. Lisgis entire measures to select workers are completely wrong unsatisfactory.
    From the onset, it was mandated that 24, 000 applicants were shortlisted and that all application must be done online.
    Citizens were shortlisted at a particular center from which the aptitude test was to be taken by 152 applicants per-center.
    Out of this number, only 110 were to be accepted with best grades.
    At the E.Jonathan Goodridge high school, Barnesville of which I was assigned to, 400 plus applicants did the test. Out of these applicants, 152 applicants assigned to Goodridge were to be listed out and choosing the best 110 grades only leaving the remaining applicants to go to their assigned centers to check their grades. But the supervisor didn’t do so, she selected randomly by taking over 80 applicants from other centers telling them that they should start their training at our assigned center leaving majority of the original assigned applicants out of the entire process.
    This is so sad to experience. Imagine this

  4. Please publish the attitude/evaluation rest result for yesterday so that people enumerators will know his/her training centers.
    Note: To enhance a quality data for this census, kindly assign enumerators to or closer to his/her address used for application to avoid delay and huge transportation cost

  5. Thanks to the Director. Mr Wilmot F. Smith and his teams for their hard works and great efforts to seen how best we can seen the betterment of our Mother land Mana Liberia.

  6. Can you guys please publish the entire training sites, and the revised shortlisted candidates, around the the counties, for applicants to know if they are successful, and where to go for the training, since Monday some of the applicants left for counties previously shortlisted to, but Up to now, there is no accurate information about the training sites and reverse listing of applicants.

  7. Boss we’re grateful for the press release, but we’re still in doubt about the various training site or location. Thanks for looking into our concerns

  8. Thanks for the update, but you guys are not doing us duedeligen. By now the training sites in the various county’s should have been published by now. We are going for the training tomorrow and don’t know by now the specific place to go tomorrow for the training. Please published the final listing so we can varifield as to whether our names are listed so we can’t waist our time and our little resources tomorrow please.

  9. Where is the training center located for montserrado County applicants? And where is the second short listing?

  10. Please I want to know the location for the Enumerator Training in Monrovia or Montserrado County, on Wednesday

  11. Thanks for the info, but can you please inform us about the center where Enumerators will be sent in Montserrado

  12. Please put up the revised final listing for the training. What Yard stake or criteria was used for the revision

  13. Up to now we can’t get any better information on the training listings and sites for Monrovia… what’s happening, please fill us in… We keep checking but nothing relating to such..

  14. Can you please update me on the training center where in bong applicants can access the center locations.

  15. Thanks a million for the update. Can you please publish the training centers early in order for us to know if the revision of the list affected us or not?

  16. Please email me where and when the Enumerator Training in Monrovia or Montserrado County, on Wednesday

  17. Please I want to know the location for the Enumerator Training in Monrovia or Montserrado County, on Wednesday.

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