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Livestock owners risk prosecution in Maryland

The Mayor of Harper City, in Maryland County, southeast Liberia Madam Ellen B. Howe has ordered City Police in Harper to arrest cattle roaming the city and turn them over to the magisterial court in the county.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday, 6 November in Monrovia, Mayor Howe discloses that owners of livestock would also face prosecution for failing to adhere to city ordinance, which prohibits livestock from roaming the city and destroying crops and gardens of residents with impunity.

She says the decision to order the arrest of livestock comes in the wake of several complaints filed to her office by aggrieved residents, lamenting that their crops are being destroyed by cattle.
Mayor Howe also notes the move was predicated upon deliberate refusal of livestock owners to remove their animals of the streets of Harper.

She emphasizes that it is unrealistic for livestock to roam the city while their owners do nothing to put them under restrictions, adding that anyone whose livestock is arrested would appear in court to show reasons why they should not held libel for the action of their farm animals.

Mayor Howe continues that she sees no reason why owners of livestock in the city would not build places to keep them but rather allow them to loosely move about the city as though they are without owners.

However, she did not say what will happen if owners of farm animals failed to appear in court, but reminds that they should know the presence of domesticated animals in the streets shows don’t care attitude in keeping them enclosed.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne


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