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Livingston’s mother attacks Flomoyan

Mr. James Flomoyan, the current head of the Small Arms Commission has been attacked and badly bitten by one Mrs. Oretha Wettol, the mother of his former employee, Mr. Bobby Livingston, while sharing few drinks with friends in the compound of the Vice President as part of his 72nd birthday celebration. The Vice President was totally off the scene.

Medical report shows that Flomoyan sustained a deep punctured wound from human teeth very sharp and tender and was bleeding profusely from his left thumb as he appeared at the ELWA Hospital early Thursday morning December 1.

The incident which was an isolated case according to Flomayan, all started as he sat with few friends sharing some bottles of beer among a crowd of family members and well-wishers who had gathered for an after party at the Vice President’s House.
He said as he sat with friends sharing the drinks, Mr. Livingston, the former spokesman for the National Elections Commission or NEC during his tenure came and passed by. The former NEC chair said it did not take too long when this lady whom he later identified to be Mr. Livingston’s mother came and landed double slaps in his face with her two hands.
“She reached out to me and slapped me with her two hands in my face holding my T-Shirt and bit my thumb.” He explained.

“What did we do to you? You don’t want my son to get job?” Flomayan said those where the questions Mrs. Wettol was raising as he held on to his T-shirt.
The incident has occurred days after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced the withdrawal of Livingston’s nomination as Deputy Minister for Information, a position left vacant by the appointment of Mr. Isaac Jackson to the International Maritime Mission.
Flomayan had been accused of being very influential in the withdrawal of Livingston’s appointment and this made have triggered his mom’s attack. “Last week, Mary Broh called me and asked me saying, is the same Bobby Livingston that was with you at NEC, and I said yes,” Flomayan went on.

He said he was then advised to inform the President and that what he did was to write President Sirleaf and inform her about Livingston and leaving her with her own discretion. Flomayan plans to pursue the matter to court.
Efforts to get Livingston on his mobile prove futile Thursday. But when a reporter from this paper visited the Zone 8 police depot where Mrs. Wettol is being detained, she told our reporter both she and Flomayan were drunk and they fought. She wonder why she alone in the cell and not both of them.-Othello B. Garblah

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