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LMA President sends accusers to court

The newly elected President of the Liberia Marketing Association or LMA Mrs. Alice Gorlu Yeebahn is being linked to the murder of a 10-year-old child in Ganta, Nimba County, but the LMA boss challenges her accusers to go to court.

According to the mother of the child, Madam Yeebahn has been allegedly involved in multiple secret killings everywhere she had lived in the past fifteen years.

She claims that the first murder case involving Mrs. Yeebahn was carried out in 2002 about little Wawaseh Dolo, a neighbor’s child, who was a friend of their daughter in the same community.

She said as a result of the case, the LMA President was arrested and jailed in Nimba, but was later transferred to Bong County for trial, where Mrs. Yeebahn allegedly manipulated the process, escaped and migrated to Monrovia.

The victim’s mother narrates that when family members and other angry residents learnt that Mrs. Yeebahn had escape from Bong County where she was on trial, and her whereabouts was unknown, angry residents burnt the police station in Ganta, Nimba County in 2002, because the police refused to provide any explanation.

But one LMA member describes these allegations as mere propaganda aimed at tarnishing the reputation of Mrs. Yeebahn.She said what has proven to be true is that Mrs. Yeebahn’s daughter went missing during campaign for the LMA election in February 2017, and up to present, the LMA president has not reported the case to the police or make any public service announcement on the whereabouts of her daughter. 

When this paper contacted Mrs. Alice Gorlu Yeebahn via mobile, she confirms that it has been fifteen years since the incident took place, saying, “I’ve been quiet about this because I don’t want to give anybody credence; is it because I am president of the LMA that this lady will want to tarnish my reputation.”

“I think she must make use of the legal process, why can’t she go to the court or even go to Nimba County to bring evidence that I have killed her child”. I get a lot of work to do at the LMA, I am under obligation to deliver at my job site; I will not want to talk more than this”, she maintains.

By Lewis S. Teh -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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