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LNOC to Give Final Ruling

The arbitration committee of the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) is expected to this Friday September 10, 2010 either rule in favor of, or against, the Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) or Solomon George.

A little over a month ago, Solomon George, the President of C-Deltas and an Executive Committee (EC) member of the LBF was suspended for allegedly assaulting and insulting Rufus Anderson, Vice President of the LBF.

But George complained the LBF to the LNOC (Liberia Sports governing body) for according to him, suspending him without any just reason, noting that the LBF ECs who reached the decision for his suspension did not meet two third of the LBF 14 EC membership as required by the local basketball houses’ constitution.

George also complained the LBF to the LNOC for suspending his team (C-Deltas). The LBF EC members at the verge of the end of the 2010 league season deducted points from C-Deltas and suspended the team for allegedly featuring a player it said was illegal.

An insider of the LBF told the New Dawn Sports that the suspension of Solomon George and his team is aimed at getting rid of him, as it has been disclosed that he is planning to contest for the Presidency in the coming LBF election.

Although neither George, nor the LBF authorities, have confirmed or denied the information, many employees at the local basketball house see their bosses’ action as a real witch-hunt at an individual whose heart, mind, dream and soul are all of the improvement of basketball in Liberia.

Weather the LBF or George is wrong or right, the LNOC will this Friday at four o’clock tell the Liberian people at its offices in Monrovia

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