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LNP confirms top brass link to armed robbery

Authorities at the Liberia National Police have confirmed reports of conspiracy in armed robbery cases by some senior officers. The LNP said such senior officers were undergoing investigation for their alleged involvements in armed robbery incidents.

The Director of Police, Col. Christ Clarence Massaquoi said confirmed news of the investigation, but said the police will not release the names of those involved until the end of the investigation.

Col. Massaquoi, who described the police as a professional security institution under oath to defend and protect lives and properties, expressed regret for such situation to unfold within its ranks.

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He assured that the public would be duly informed about the outcome of the investigation, maintaining that the police has a history of disrobing and dismissing its officers when guilty of criminal behaviors.

The Congress for Democratic Change or CDC recently accused some senior officers of the Liberia National Police of involvement in armed robbery activities in Monrovia and its environs.

Information gathered by this paper suggests that James Logan, AKA Survivor Drag and James Harries, AKA CEO were both jailed for armed robbery, but broke jail and were re-arrested when they – the accused armed robbers, disclosed the names of top Police officers who facilitated their operations.

According to the CDC, it was worrisome for the Police who should be the people’s protector to be involved in the commission of armed robbery.

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Speaking at a news conference at his party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia, youth leader Jefferson Koijee pointed out that his party had received the intelligence allegedly linking the Commander of the Anti-Robbery Unit at the LNP, Johnny Dean, otherwise known as R4, Morris Dennis, AKA R5 and Jersey Harris, otherwise known as 105 to the facilitation of armed robbery incidents in Monrovia and its environs. The Anti-Robbery Unit was founded by the former Deputy Police Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah, to fight armed robbery at the time it was on the increase.

“We have realized that the cases of armed robbery are not just criminals getting involved; I think the Police are getting involved and becoming prime suspects, as well as sponsors of armed robberies in our country. As political leaders of this country, we must speak when necessary,” Koijee claimed, saying: “those specific individuals that are involved in armed robbing Sam Gibson have been arrested and thrown behind bars; our disappointment is that those arrested have revealed to us that some top Police officers, including R4, R5, 105 and one Johnny Dean, are involved in the act. These guys must come to the public glare.” 

The special squad was formed out of a number of units within the LNP to include the Emergency Response Unit or ERU and Police Support Unit or PSU to battle armed robbers. 

According to the CDC official, some alleged armed robbers already behind bars at the LNP headquarters told the CDC that they (armed robbers) were normally joined by the head of the Anti-Robbery Unit to commit the act against citizens.

Koijee indicated that the fundamental focus of any responsible government is to provide protection for its citizens, saying if the Police can be involved in the commission of armed robbery against its own citizens; it is, then, scaring in the absence of UNMIL.

The CDC youth wing leader threatened that if the police fails to handle the matter professionally, the CDC will communicate with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and international community for proper readdress in the interest of the people.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

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