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LNP: Gradual Accomplishments Must Attract Support

Thought with maximum caution, public perception about the LiberiaNational Police or LNP may currently be diminishing. This may be against the backdrop of the ongoing ‘operations’ of themen, women and officers in the field against various criminalactivities in Monrovia and its environs.

In recent days, commuters, commercial drivers, as well as streettraders and peddlers, among others, have been enjoying some air ofrelief as a result of police’s action against street criminals and carloaders (or zogos).

Interestingly, the LNP, through the Emergency Response Unit or ERU andPolice Support Unit or PSU, is not only raiding the streets of thesecriminals and ‘zogos’, but also transforming the lives by eitherempowering them through petite trade and counseling.

The LNP may not only be concerned with ensuring public safety in thestreets of Monrovia and its environs, but also the variouscommunities, especially those harboring ghettoes and drug dealers. Oflate, several ghettoes have been raided and demolished and dealers of narcotic substances arrested.

At the moment, officers of the police (public safety or traffic) areon their heels, ensuring absolute adherence to all traffic regulationsby drivers and pedestrians. These gradual accomplishments by the Liberia National Police are, nodoubt, in consonance with the “hundred-day” commitment by InspectorGeneral Gregory Coleman to the Liberian Senate during his confirmationa few weeks ago to create a safe environment void of criminals.

Moreover, unlike before, discipline among the men and women of thepolice as promised by Inspector General Coleman, are once moreemerging, even though it may also take time. But at least the “word”has gone forth and minds are gradual changing.

While we and other well-meaning Liberians remain very cautious ofthese gradual accomplishments by the LNP in the interest of publicsafety, prospects for a proactive and vigilant rejuvenated PoliceForce are equally high from the look of things.

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The courage and vigilance being exhibited by Inspector General Colemanand senior officers, including Deputy Inspector General AbrahamKromah, in the absence of inadequate budgetary allotment is even morecommendable.

We can only hope that as the great Chinese Government has alreadycommitted (US$2m worth of supplies, training, etc., etc.), others,including the U.S. Government, European Union, as well as the UnitedNations Development Program or UNDP, will intervene through theprovision of logistics – vehicles, motor-cycles, uniforms and otherhard-ware to motivate the LNP against crimes and in the interest ofpublic safety.

In the absence of these logistics and other benefits, even anInspector General of the LNP from the FBI or MI-5 will not performmiracles – the LNP must be supported to be more proactive and


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