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Local group unhappy over withdrawal of GIZ programs

The Traffic and Roads Safety Network of Liberia (TARSNOL) has seriously frowned on the Liberian Government over a report stating that the German Government will now only direct its attention toward health program and withdraw support from other development programs that GIZ has in Liberia due to lack of impact.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of TARSNOL Abraham W. Weohn, the German government through GIZ is not [only a] supporter of the Liberian economy, but also a major player in terms of road safety here.

The group says its attention is drawn to the publication in a local daily here which indicated that Liberia had lost its economic programs from Germany.

Mr. Weohn claims that higher placed sources at the German Embassy have confirmed to his organization that Germany will now only direct its attention to health and withdraw support from any other development programs that GIZ has here.

“They are not the ones that saying that they fail to have impact felt, they give the necessary support to our government. It’s the business of government to utilize these kinds of support so that it creates an impact or shows some impact,” Weohn argues.

He continues that monies brought to Liberia by partners are taxpayers’ monies from other countries, saying underprivileged countries that receive others’ support should show signs of appreciation by implementing programs supported by the donors.

He believes that failure to implement the programs hampers and undermines the credibility of the country, as he suggests that this is responsible for the German Government’s withdrawal of its support to other developmental programs in Liberia.

Weohn pleads with the German Government not to withdraw its support from Liberia, but rather redirects the funds to other organizations within Liberia to carry on the programs.

“The German government played a major role, specifically when it comes to the traffic sector of this country,” he says, while blasting the Liberian Government for not making impacting in the use of other countries’ taxpayers’ monies.”It’s not good for our country, it doesn’t speak any progress so we are very disappointed in our government,” Weohn notes.
By Ben P. Wesee—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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