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Locals crave for handpums, school in Kpan Town

Thousands of inhabitants of Kpan Town in lower Margibi County are craving for a community school and hand-pumps in the area. Speaking to this paper over the weekend, Community Youth Chairman Mr. Harris Williams claimed that thousands of children living in Kpan Town lack basic educational facilities like primary schools.

He adds that the community is troubled by the lack of safe drinking water, saying there are two hand-pumps that cannot meet the needs of the people. According to Mr. Williams, some of the residents who have vehicles usually go to other areas along the highway to fetch safe drinking water, while those without vehicles live by the mercy of God.

He emphasizes that the community people have asked for help from the government and other organizations to provide more hand-pumps and a school, but no one has listened to their plea.

Mr. Williams laments that the situation is getting unbearable for the inhabitants, indicating that the two hand-pumps constructed four years ago can no longer provide pure and safe water for the people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Williams has disclosed plans by the community to organize a fundraising program in order to generate the needed financial resources to erect a primary school and construct some hand-pumps on their own.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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