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Coalition for Democratic Change standard bearer and presidential hopeful, Sen. George Manneh Weah for the third time exhibits a show of numerical strength here over the weekend when he mobilized hundreds of thousands of Liberians, including partisans, sympathizers and non-voters across Monrovia and its environs to officially mark the launch of his campaign for the presidency.

Monrovia and its outskirts experience a virtual lockdown when partisans and supporters of three-party Coalition: CDC, NPP and LPDP took Saturday, 19 August [dubbed “Blue Day”] to demonstrate to the rest of Liberian and perhaps the world that they have the numbers to elect the soccer king Liberia’s next President on October 10th.

Attired in sky-blue T-shirts with the CDC’s emblem and blue or black jean trousers and marched from their various communities to the Coalition headquarters in Congo Town.
The multitude could be compared to the arrival of then rebel leader Charles Taylor in Monrovia in 1996 from his so-called “greater Liberia” to form part of a collective presidency that led the country to elections in 1997 in which he overwhelmingly emerged victorious.

In apparent reaction to public criticism for Weah’s conspicuous absence at a debate held two days earlier for the six top candidates in the race, the partisans entertained themselves with songs like, “Win the debate, we will win the mansion”; “you can have debate but give us Weah” and “He knows book, or not, we’ll vote for him”, among other slogans.

Senator Weah is vying for the presidency with Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, the estranged wife of former jailed Liberian President Charles Taylor, as his running mate.In the crowd was Liberian Nollywood Renowned actor, Gregory Frank Artus, who also believes in Weah’s message of change.

He was ecstatic by the positive vibes emanating from the gigantic crowd that assembled in an effort to showcase to the world that indeed, Senator George Manneh Weah is the man to bring about the much needed change that Liberians truly desire.

As the city and its environs stood still in clear obedience to CDCians quest to joyously launch their political campaign in support of their standard bearer’s bid to become the next President of Liberia, officers of the Liberia National Police were in readiness to quell any disruption that could create insecurity to residents of Monrovia, including foreign nationals.The convoy carrying Weah and Jewel drove around the capital through Somalia Drive to Freeport then Bushrod Island and finally central Monrovia before heading for the CDC headquarters in Congo Town, which had been already jammed packed beyond capacity as hundreds of thousands lined the streets to take a glance of the Weah-Jewel Ticket.

After hours of waiting at the CDC headquarters, Weah and a team of high-powered Coalition executives, including criminally indicted former Speaker Alex Tyler, Ex-Senate President Pro Tempore, Gbenzohngar Milton Findley arrived at about 10:20 pm amid jubilation from enthusiastically loyal partisans and supporters.

Weah promises that if elected President, he would establish a special court to try corruption cases, stressing that the corruption is the main factor that has confined Africa’s oldest Republic to the dungeon of poverty and underdevelopment.

He continues that the only option to minimize if not eradicate corruption is to lay down strong policies and strong legal team where the accused officials would be tried speedily.He vows to disengage recycling of ‘old politicians, adding that Liberia deserves young brains and contemporary ideas.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne


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