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Lofa lawmakers clash

Two members of the Lofa County Legislative caucus are engaged words of war on the grounds of the Capitol, as Representative Franklin Nyumalin refers to Senator George Tengbeh as a dying horse looking for anything to hang on for survival.
But Tengbeh describes his colleague as someone who is out of balance and has lost track of the county.

The fight is as aresult of reported misapplication of funds intended for the construction of the proposed Foyah Polytechnic.
Representative Nyumalin brands Senator Tengbeh as someone who lacks the elementary understanding of the role of a lawmaker, so the latter (Tengbeh’s) attempt to made false allegation is a calculated move to assassin his (Nyumalin’s) high earned characters.

According to Nyumalin, said strategies of Tengbeh to mislead the people of Lofa and the entire world that he (Nyumalin) corrupted money intended for the polytechnic shows that the senator is losing battle ahead of the 2020 Special Senatorial election in which he seeks reelection.

In a press conference in Monrovia, Monday, August 12, Senator Nyumalin branded Tengbeh as ‘regime collaborator’ and that he (Nyumalin) has been a strong voice against the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

But Senator Tengbeh in response, asks Nyumalin to put back the money reportedly taken from the county’s coffers, pointing out that the special committee charged with the responsibility of constructing the polytechnic works under the influence of Nyumalin who allegedly recommended all appointees of the interim team, appointed by the Commission on Higher Education at the Ministry of Education.
He discloses the committee has withdrawn over US$20,000 and LRD3 million with no tangible work on the project site.

However, commenting on the alleged withdrawal of funds, Rep. Nyumalin explains the interim committee lobbied for US$150,000 in the national budget but the government committed to only US$50,000, from which the interim committee withdrew US$10, 000 for survey, testing of soil with experts from the Ministry of Public Works and feasibility studies, quoting head of the interim committee.

According to him, upon the completion of the funds and securing of 100 acres of land from traditional leaders in Foyah District, his role as a lawmaker ended, so anything beyond that, the committee should be interrogated or quizzed rather than him. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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