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Lofa women vow to restore ‘breadbasket’

A group under the banner Lofa Women for Progress (LWP) has launched an ambitious project aimed at restoring Liberia’s ‘breadbasket’ status in food and non-food crops productions through sustained agricultural activities.

According to the women group, their aim is to support economic growth and the reduction of poverty through agriculture.

Speaking at the launch of the project in Voinjama City, Lofa County, LWP Director Youngor Sherman says the organization’s aim is not to only make Lofa food sufficient but the entire country.

Director Sherman boasts of progress made thus far in reclaiming Lofa County’s lost glory. She says LWP will ensure that jobs are created for women of the county through their agricultural ventures.

She stresses that they are ready to work, extending a call to all residents of Lofa County for their support in awakening the spirit of the county.

She discloses that with the help of another agriculture guru, John Selma, and a prominent son of the county Momo Cyrus and others, LWP has acquired 50 acres of land to begin the initiative.
The group will begin the production of palm, plantain and rice.

“We want to put Lofa back in its rightful place when it comes to productivity. We want to make farm to earn our own money,” she says.
It is anticipated that the launching of such auspicious initiative will enhance the capabilities of the women to grow more crops in regards to rice, plantain, banana, and pepper.

Lofa, and Liberia as a whole, have a climate favorable to farming, vast forests, and an abundance of water, yet low yields mean that over half of foodstuffs are imported, with net agricultural trade at -$73.12 million.

Headed by former City Mayor of Voinjama Youngor Sherman, LWP was established in August 2010 with an initial membership of 100 persons, then 500 persons and now has exceeded 1000.

Agriculture is a major sector of the Liberian economy worth 38.8% of Gross Domestic Product, employing more than 70% of the population and providing a valuable export.–Press release

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