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Rural News

Lofa Youths Demand Job

Lofa youths are demanding job opportunities from their authorities in the county. The young people who refused to be listed as trouble-makers sated that they are future leaders and therefore they are prepared to serve now rather than later.

According to our correspondent Tokpa Tarnue, the youth chairman in district #3 made the call to authorities there recently.

Tarnue said Daniel Kollie told the local officials that when jobs are provided, young people minds will be dissuaded from partaking in ventures that undermined peaceful co-existence in the county.

He said there were hundreds of thousands of idle youths roaming the county doing nothing despite the potentials to do things for themselves and the county.

Kollie said they were being denied job opportunities in Lofa and that this is not healthy for the youthful population.He claimed to have disabused the minds of many people who said the young people were trouble makers in Lofa.

“These are agents of positive change and not trouble makers.” Kollie stated that many of them were beneficiaries of several peace-building training programs, which helped to re-focus their minds.

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