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Logging group makes commitment to Bassa

A world class forestry management and logging company based in Liberia, Renew Forestry Group (RFG), LLC, is expected to shortly begin operation in Grand Bassa County District #3-B & #3-C Communities following the signing of a third party agreement with authorities of the forest.

In a news release issued over the weekend, the group says the contract, in accordance with the forestry law of Liberia, will greatly benefit Bassa citizens, residents of Wee Statutory District Community, mostly those within the forest areas.

The logging group says the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), government’ umbrella regulator that supervises and monitors forest activities across Liberia has also consented.

According to the press release, RFG secured the contract through the African Trades Entrepreneur Enterprises (ATEE) during a contested bid with rival West Water, a Chinese company.

Among other things, the document talks about the construction of 30 hand pumps, 30 modern pit latrines, 30 palava huts, two central clinics, two central high schools, two modern market buildings, two youth centers, one community office and scholarship opportunities within three years of operation.

RFG is one of the few logging companies authorized to perform logging activities in Liberia following the moratorium restructuring of the Liberian logging industry in 2015.
RFG is a Liberian Limited Liability Company that is Liberian majority-owned, along with minority owners from the United States.

RFG manages logging activities and works in a sustainable manner with the Liberian communities to help manage forest areas in which it has the authorization to operate.
It has an ongoing mission to help Liberians access and benefit from their natural resources in a responsible, sustainable manner, by constantly engaging new projects being added to the forestry platform.

RFG says it has multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with community forest owners, giving exclusive forestry rights to their territories.
It notes that it is a trusted, capable, and reliable company that desires to provide a mutually beneficial service to communities across Liberia.–Press release

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