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Lone Star Cell MTN reports cyber-attacks

BabatundeOsho LonestarMTN NDGSM company Lonestar Cell MTN, says the unusual service disruption within its network is a result of unprecedented cyber-attacks. The company disclosed in a press release Thursday the situation has intermittently denied segments of its customer base of voice, SMS and Data services, at various times.

“For the past weeks, we noticed a constant build-up of artificial volumes of data on our internet links. These artificial volumes are caused by malicious cyber activities that target our system with the aim of clogging or blocking connectivity in the network.”

The GSM company added that it had continued to react and restore service to each incident as it happens. “Lonestar Cell with support from the MTN GROUP IT Security experts are working tirelessly to investigate the source of these Cyber-attacks (DDOS i.e. Distributed Denial Of Service) as well as look for a permanent solution to repel such attacks while ensuring that our clients are all protected as a matter of priority.”

Lone Star Cell MTN has regretted the inconvenience this is causing its customers and thank the public for exercising patience and continued loyalty to its as management hopes to have a permanent solution in place soon to halt the service disruptions. “It is our intention to go further to identify the malicious attackers and hold them to account.”

The company has meanwhile assured it will continue to provide regularly updates to all customers on the situation. Press Release

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