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Lone Star Introduces New cell Phones

In a bid to ease the problem of sourcing electricity capacity for one’s cell phone amidst limited power supply, Lone Star Cell has brought into the country a huge consignment of Solar Cellular Phones.


The phones, produced by the Chinese Cell Phones giant ZTE, could be charged anywhere out door for at least a maximum of two hours.

According to the Marketing Manager of the Company, Wanneh A. Dixon, the dream of Lone Star Cell is a telephone ownership for every Liberian.

Ms. Dixon told a gathering at a dinner last weekend that the management of Lone Star will sell the solar phones for a minimum of US$40.00.

She added that the introduction of the solar phones is another way the company continues to contribute to the Poverty Reduction Strategy or PRS, noting “this is Liberia using her own natural resources to move forward.”

The new solar phones are portable, long-lasting and fare better than any other mobile phone one can ever imagine.

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