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LoneStar Cell Donates To Muslim Congress School

The LoneStar Communication Cooperation or LCC, a member of the MTN Group in Liberia has donated about 150 arm chairs to the Muslim Congress High School in Monrovia as part of its social responsibility to the people of Liberia.


The company believes that empowering Liberians mainly the student community is a great way to building the country, noting the arm chairs are intended to create a smooth learning environment for students and also enable them found part of the nation building process.

Making the donation to the school over the weekend in Monrovia, a staff of the corporation Lorenzo Harmon said the Lonestar family is committed to the Liberian people no matter which GSM company they belong to.

He said the company does not pick and choose when it comes to bettering the lives of Liberians, adding that Lonestar is a Liberian-owned institution that is here to stay with the people, including the unborn generation.

The donation is in response to request by the school administration after a major renovation. The institution was burnt to ashes during violent clashes between Christians and Muslims in September 2003.

Mr. Harmon wished his company  could do more than what has been donated to the school, but promised that the LCC group will continue to do its best for not only students of the Muslim Congress High School, but the entire nation.

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The Principal of the school acknowledge the LoneStar Cell family for the chairs which he described as timely and contributory. Mr. Mohammed Kiazolu said though the school has many other challenges, but the LoneStar Cell donation is highly welcomed by both students and staff of the school.

The student themselves thanked the company for the chairs and promised to take good care of them. They also pleaded to the LoneStar Cell to provide them internet service on their campus to enable them be on top of information and happenings in the rest of the world.

Leranzo Harmon in a quick response to the students’ quest, promised that the LCC will make available the internet service on the campus, adding it will help students to read about their country and other parts of the world.

The Secretary General of the Muslim Congress High School, Hady Sheriff, said the donation from LoneStar Cell is in line with Islam’s support to charity. He said among many letters of appeal sent to other companies and individuals, only LoneStar Cell responded favorably.

He also urged the company to continue its social responsibility services rather than concentrating only on money making like other companies.

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