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Lonestar Cell Foundation Donates to Health Institutions

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The Lonestar Cell Foundation Board of Trustees spent a busy and fulfilling Saturday morning (December 22, 2012) in Vai Town and New Kru Town on Bushrod Island, first visiting the Mawah Medical Clinic and the Redemption Hospital, respectively where it donated 50 bags of rice and $2,500 ‘soup money’ to support holiday meals for in-patients at each facility.

Providing free services to multiple categories of patients, including medical, surgical, obstetrics/maternity and emergency, Redemption Hospital is the nation’s second largest referral hospital and the largest pediatric care provider here.

No one is turned away from the nation’s busiest hospital, where on a monthly basis, 900 adults and 600 children emergency cases are attended to and 230 X-rays, 300 surgeries and 475 deliveries are performed. Open since 1982, two years after military coup in the country, Redemption Hospital meets the health needs of approximately one-third of Liberia’s population.

A much smaller private facility, Mawah Clinic was established with the goal of combating maternal mortality so that no woman should die in childbirth as a result of not having access to care, as was the case for the mother of its founder.

The clinic charges minimal fees for access to life saving treatments, specialized medical services and ongoing high quality care for large number of impoverished patients throughout Vai Town, Clara Town, West Point, Slipway and Doe communities, respectively.

Massaquoi M. Kamara, Chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees said, “The entire Board enthusiastically supported these donations. This is how we wanted to celebrate Christmas as a Foundation — making an impact where we could and giving back to communities in need.”

He continued, “To be away from family and loved ones at this time of year is not an easy thing. We wanted to encourage patients and ensure during the holiday season they have a festive feeling despite the circumstances of being outside of their homes and in hospital. And also to let staff and management know that we appreciate all they do over the course of the year to care for their patients.”

The Lonestar Cell Foundation was established to promote the welfare and development of Liberian institutions, communities and citizens, especially those that are low-resourced and under-served. The Foundation realizes this goal through investments in Liberia’s education and healthcare sectors; and in collaboration with local, national, and international organizations that share like-minded objectives.

In health and social welfare, the Foundation directs resources towards the critical issue of access to quality care and modern treatment options.

General Administrator Tobias Bowen, expressed gratitude to the Foundation Trustees Mrs. Cora Peabody, Ms. Jeanne Juste, Mr. Tebogo Mogapi and Mr. Siraj Muneer, saying, “Redemption provides three inpatient meals each day, free of charge. So this is much appreciated and really the perfect holiday gift, for us and our patients.”

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