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Lonestar Cell Launches 21-Day Care

The Lonestar Communications Corporation or LCC has launched its annual charity event called the “21-Days of Care” which runs from June 1-21 every year. During this period, the company dedicates time to give helping hand to the less privileged people and institutions here in the country.

The “21Days of Care” is a corporate social responsibility initiative instituted by the MTN Group. This has made the MTN a success as a caring and socially responsible multimillion company. The Lonestar Cell is a part of the MTN Group.

The aim of the program is to make visible and sustained contribution to societies in which Lonestar Cell operates. The initiative also promotes the MTN brand in a positive light by demonstrating willingness of staff to get involve and in giving back to the society.

This year’s event was launched in the Doe Community, a deprived area, on the Bushrod Island Wednesday in collaboration with the Population Services International or PSI, Environmental Protection Agency or EPA and the government of Liberia amongst others.

The PSI provided Water Guard for the people of the community to prevent waterborne diseases. Water Guide is a special treatment for water provided by PSI to safeguard water for drinking.

Speaking at the program, the Country Manager of PSI Axel Ady said PSI has always worked with the MTN to fight against malaria, HIV/Aids and other diseases. He commended the Lonestar Cell family for moving into the Doe Community because according to him, the community is faced with waterborne diseases, adding that they lack safe drinking water.

For his part, the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Managing Director Moses D. Wogbeh pledged his support to the program, adding that it will help government in its endeavor to reach out to the people.  He encouraged Lonestar Cell to continue being helpful to the Liberian people.

In remarks at the program, The Corporate Communications Executive of Lonestar Cell, Dr. Laurence Konmla Bropleh said Lonestar Cell Partnering with PSI and others in this area brings great benefit to the people.

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He said Lonestar Cell will join the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up the wetlands which will help to prevent flooding in the various communities such as the Doe Community. He said the local mobile phone giant will also partner with the Forestry Development Authority and Fiona and Flora to plant trees along the lake in Robertsports and Sembehum in Grand Cape Mount County to prevent erosion and improve the environment.

“As part of the MTN Group, Lonestar Cell believes that it must, as a corporate partner, care about the people and the environment wherein they live.  The Lonestar Cell 21-Days of Care bring us into various communities, working and caring for the people. As a business entity, making profit is important, but giving back in ways that empower and better the lives of the people is even more important,” he said.

During the period of the 21 Days, Lonestar Cell will target schools, hospitals, clinics, orphanages homes, and communities as beneficiaries.

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