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Lonestar Cell MTN announces the introduction of voice and data surcharge

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The Management of Lonestar Cell MTN announces that in accordance with LTA-Order 0016-02-25-19 issued by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), a surcharge on mobile voice on-net (Lonestar to Lonestar calls) and mobile data services has been introduced.

Subscribers are informed that the surchargesas stated in the order are as follows:
On-net (Lonestar-to-Lonestar) voice calls: US$0.008/min (or 0.8 cents/min) and Data (per MB) US$0.00065/MB(or US$0.065 cents/MB)

We are abiding by all Government regulations and directives and have adaptedour offers and promotions to comply with the LTA’s order.

Lonestar Cell MTN understands that these are tough economic times, but we assure you that we still have many products to allow our customers to communicate affordably. We remain committed to providing quality and affordable telecommunications services for every Liberian. We have stood with the people of Liberia through changing times and pledge to make sure our customers always get the best value at all times.

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