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LoneStar Cell MTN donates 500 Cell Phones to GOL to help fight COVID-19

In an effort to help the Liberian government’s fight against the spread of coronavirus, the nation’s biggest telecommunication company, Lonestar Cell MTN has donated 500 pieces of cell phones to the government through the office of Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor.

Addressing the audience Tuesday, 24 March in a brief program marking the official turning over ceremony held at the company’s head officer in oldest Congo Town, Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Executive Officer Madam UcheOfodile expressed excitement about the company’s decision to help government in the fight against the coronavirus.

“We are grateful to help the government of Liberia in these difficult times,” she says, adding that she is certain that these mobile phones will help the government through the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia with contact tracing in stopping the wide spread of the virus.According to her, as Liberia confirms three cases of the virus, the company sees it wise to join hands in the fight.

She explains that LoneStar MTN held talks with the vice president’s office, and it was based on the outcome of that meeting that they are donating the phones to her office for onward submission to the MOH and NPHIL.

She continues that the company commends the government for all its efforts and measures put in place to help prevent the spread of the disease.

“And we as a company have joined this fight, evidence is that we have sent about 80% of our staff to work from home, because we understand social distancing is important,” Madam Ofodile discloses.“We want to lead by example and partner with the government to kick this virus away from Liberia,” she continues.

Madam Ofodile concludes that the donation is part LoneStar MTN’s collaboration and the partnership that it enjoys with the government.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the vice president for onward presentation to MOH, the Chief of Office Staff in the Office of the Vice President, Mr. George T. Nimely expressed sentiments to LoneStar Cell MTN for the donation given to the government and the people of Liberia throughout the difficult times.

He notes that contact tracing plays an important role in eradicating the virus, adding: “This donation here today is not surprising that MTN has always been a great partner, and we envision more of this partnership in time to come.”

Also receiving the donation from the Office of the Vice President, Deputy Health Minister for Administration Madam Norwu G. Howard thanked the GSM Company for its kind gesture, saying the alarm had not even been raised and the donation has been made.She notes that the MOH and NPHIL can’t do it all, adding that they welcome the help from the private sector as this is the time that each and every one should leverage their corporate social responsibility in giving back to the nation.

Representing NPHIL, Ms Jane Macauley lauded the Lonestar Cell MTN family for taking the bore step in complimenting the government’s efforts in the prevention of the virus.She said three confirm cases are in Liberia, and those cases have generated more than 380 contacts, which means that contact tracing is cardinal in this fight.

Speaking on behalf of the private sector, Dr. Nicole Cooper, Clinical Director at the Germany Medical Solutions said from the outset of COVID-19, it is important for the private sector to get involved.Dr. Cooper asserts that as a partner to MOH and NPHIL, it is always important to get involved in this fight.By Lewis S. Teh—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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