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Lonestar Cell MTN Exceeds 1m Customers

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Lonestar Cell MTN Group here has announced that it has exceeded 1million costumers mark based on Audit Results for the year-end 2011 conducted by the MTN group globally. The MTN Group has also announced Lonestar Cell as one of its strongest growth performance.

According to MTN Group CEO & President Sifiso Dabengwa, the company’s operations in 22 countries show strong growth in all areas. The MTN Group is Africa’s largest Telecommunications Company having over 164 million subscribers in 22 countries with Lonestar Cell MTN reporting over 1 million subscribers by the end of December, 2011.

The Lonestar Cell MTN’s journey in Liberia began over 10 years ago to begin the healing of a nation wrought by a devastating civil war through connectivity. Standing at a crossroads, Liberia had a semblance of peace, though the war was still raging.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia, Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Communication Consultant Dr. Laurence Bropleh, quoted Sifiso Dabengwa as saying Liberia has improved in the telecommunication sector with the Lonestar Cell strong growth performance across the entire Group.

Dr. Bropleh noted that Lonestar Cell growth came after the company saw the need and risked its investment and provided communication during the civil war when family members were separated – parents from children, husbands and wives from each other; a people in search not only of peace, but family members.

He said during this period, many efforts were frustrated due to the lack of communication, adding that with the arrival of Lonestar Cell MTN was the answer, as many Liberians rushed to sign up for mobile telephone service.

“At the time, the cost seemed to be high for some Liberians and unaffordable for many. Notwithstanding, Liberians and residents were excited that finally, Liberia had a telecommunications company that would care for their communications needs. Liberians had dreams of reuniting with family members, they were holding out for the Liberian dream,” he told journalists.

Dr. Bropleh said embracing the Liberian dream has been part of the modus operandi of Lonestar Cell MTN. he explained that this dream pre-dates the Liberian civil crises.

He said Lonestar Cell MTN has had a presence with the Liberian people and has been able to provide hope and possibilities for thousands of Liberians facing stress, “When many had lost hope of reaching loved ones in Liberia, through Lonestar Cell MTN, hope was restored through solid connectivity,”

Some Lonestar Cell subscribers described the company growth as big boost for Liberia and all Liberians. The subscribers speaking to this Paper upon the pronouncement encouraged the Lonestar cell MTN to keep improving their services for all Liberians.

They also called on the LTA to grant telecommunications companies license to introduce good programs or services that will help improve the lives of Liberians. The subscribers noted that government alone ca not do all for its people, noting that the Lonestar Cell MTN is helping to improve the lives of Liberians through technology.

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