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Lonestar Cell MTN gives market women 300 smartphones

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-Launches Data Da Life campaign

Liberia’s leading telecommunications companies Lonestar Cell MTN gives away to market women 300 smartphones, 300 T-shirts, and 300 waist bags at the Old Road Joe Bar Market in Sinkor, a suburb of Monrovia, as the company launched its new innovative service dubbed “Data Da Life,” meaning “Data is Life.”

The company said during the Data Da Life campaign launch Friday, 18 June 2021 that it donated the smartphones to the market women to enable them to enjoy modern connected life, do Mobile Money transactions with customers, use social media to connect with their kids, and other family members from far and near, among others.
The MTN Data Da Life campaign will enable people to connect to each other from far and near, using MTN data and different social media platforms on smartphones.

Mr. Kolubah Flomo, Acting CMO, Lonestar MTN said with the donation, it means each market woman at Old Road Joe Bar Market would have a smartphone, adding that the initiative will cut across the 15 subdivisions of the country.

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

According to him, the company will ensure that each market woman has a smartphone to enable them to carry out Mobile Money transactions and to use social media to connect with the families.
“Since we recognize the efforts that you guys have made to the Liberian economy right and [how] you guys are helping Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN is pleased to announce that we will be donating 300 smartphones to the market,” Mr. Flomo said as jubilation erupted among market women.

Mr. Flomo noted that people believe that data is only for the young people and working people, but explained that MTN believes that Data Da Life, saying “it is not only for the young people, but it is also for the students, the lecturers, the doctors, market women, the pen – pen riders (motorcyclists), data is for everybody.”

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia

He added that Lonestar Cell MTN believes that everybody deserves the benefits of modern connected life, especially the market women.

Mr. Flomo continued that as a token of the company’s appreciation for the efforts that are being applied by the market women, it had selected Joe Bar Market Superintendent Ma Julia Benny as MTN’s Data Da Life campaign Ambassador.
According to him, Ma Julia began selling rice by cup, and she gradually increased her business by adding fish to it, and now she serves as market superintendent at Old Road Joe Bar Market.
Abigail Nufeatalai, Lonestar Cell MTN Marketing Manager for Brand and Communications further had the market women cheering up when she announced a donation of 300 T-shirts, 300 waist bags, and 300 caps for market women at the Old Road Joe Bar Market.
“So in addition to the 300 phones like my boss just said, we will be giving you something to assist your market so it can help you to keep your money. We will give you 300 T-shirts, we will give you 300 waist bags … we will give you 300 caps,” she said.
Madam Nufeatalai said Lonestar Cell MTN has always led the industry with the introduction of innovative products and services which include Mobile Money which has changed the lives of everybody and the newly launched “Data Da Life” campaign, among others.
 “Data is life, data is life for everything that we do and so today we are about to take that step in the market,” she said, adding that market women are a very important segment when talking about the Data Da Life campaign because they make up about 47 percent of the total population here.
Out of that percentage she said at least 53 percent of them are entrepreneurs and small business owners, emphasizing that women are powerful.
Also speaking, Ma Julia Benny, Lonestar Cell MTN Data Da Life campaign Ambassador explained that she was using a button phone when Lonestar GSM gave her a smartphone which can now use to go on Facebook.
“Y’all let’s stand behind Lonestar, Lonestar Da Life,” Ma Julia said, urging her fellow market women to listen to her and subscribe to Lonestar Cell MTN.
She thanked the company for its intervention, assuring that the market women will do more to support the GSM giant. Winston W. Parley

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