Lonestar Cell MTN holds Career Fair at UL

Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s leading mobile telecommunication giant concludes 21 days ye’llo care promotion with a career fair for students of the University of Liberia at the UL Fendell Campus outside Monrovia.

Giving an overview of the program in the theater of the university at Fendell, Lonestar Cell MTN CEO Mrs. Uche Ofodile says the 21 days of y’ello care campaign is an annual employees volunteerism platform, which was inaugurated in June 2007 by the MTN group for staff in all 22 African countries where it operates, which enable them to dedicate their resources and time between 1st and 21st of June toward supporting education initiatives in local communities where subscribers reside.

According to her, through the 21 days of y’ello care the company has managed to impact so many schools across Liberia, including setting up of computer labs, Libraries, donating school materials, teaching and refurbishment of various high schools in Montserrado County, among others.

CEO Ofodile further explains that Lone Star Cell MTN, the mobile telecommunication giant that has been working in Liberia since June 2001, is a subsidiary of MTN South Africa, a leader in international telecommunication which operates in 22 countries.

Delivering the keynote address at the Fendell Campus over the weekend, newly appointed Chair of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority or LTA, Mrs. Maria Nagbe Harrison informs the students that LTA is considering partnership with the Engineering Department at the University of Liberia in the soonest possible time.
“Right now we are in discussion with Dr. Weekes to see how best we can have the collaboration that will help the Engineering Department of this school”, Mrs. Harrison discloses.

She notes that the difficult part in ICT is people expect that things go on well, but they forget that in whatsoever occasion it might be as soon as there are electrical shocks that will put things off then people start to look for the IT Man in the building, adding that’s the importance of ICT in a society.

“In ICT, you don’t say I work for short hours, because you really won’t tell when a system will go down; it’s the system that controls the hours of work for IT Personal. As you can see, the job market is outside down; everyday, there is a new technology, because technology is changing, your role as an IT Person is being redefined.”

At the same time Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Manager Attorney Massa Dennis encourages students to take the lead in following their hearts when it comes to making career choices, stressing “It is good that you follow your passion that will get you to the right place.”

Speaking of the importance of Mobile Financial Service and Mobile Banking Atty. Dennis explains digital finance is when all financial transactions are being done digitally, including Mobile Money transaction.

She notes that over 85 percent of subscribers are connected to a mobile phone, but with that percentage only 20 percent have bank account.Attorney Dennis emphasizes that mobile money helps by breaching the gap between the bank, and an individual by providing access to finance for all the masses, noting that most of the population has been excluded from the formal financial sector of the country.

“How many bank branches do you see, this a country of 4.6 million people; how many bank branches can provide the services that we need as a people, that’s when the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money comes in”, she explains.

Meanwhile, the Forensic Manager at Lonestar Cell MTN, Ansu Soni Jr., says the celebration of the 21 days of ye’llo care is to give back to customers, noting that this year’s celebration was to focus on ICT employment readiness to college and high school graduates.

“We in the digital sphere have decided to introduce students to ICT, what it is, and how its impact their lives, including what they can do if they want to become ICT personal. What we have learnt, we want to give back by impacting the society, because the importance of ICT cannot be over emphasized; technology is everyday business”Speaking on behalf of the University of Liberia, its Vice President for Administration, Mrs.Wade Kobbah Boley, expresses delight over the career fair held at the university.

“We want to specially thank the Lonestar Cell MTN for taking up their time in coming here to educate our students in order for them to become good citizens”, Madam Boley concludes.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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