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Lonestar Cell MTN Launches Internet for Liberia

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Lonestar Cell MTN has launched the Internet for Liberia Project, introducing a variety of internet services here. The Lonestar cell as the premier GSM Company in the country that drives mobile internet service it is ready to show the way to growth in internet penetration by helping to bring accessibility to Liberians.

The Internet for Liberia Project is aimed at getting devices into the hands of Liberians, getting Liberians to use the internet more, rewarding Liberians for using the internet and ultimately, increasing the efficiency of Liberians through the use of internet in every field of endeavor.

Chief Marketing Officer, Clement Ofori, who spoke at the launch Monday at the company’s headquarters in Congo Town, said Lonestar Cell MTN is taking into consideration and recognize that its customers come from diverse backgrounds so everything was being done to tailor services based on needs.

Mr. Ofori explained that the EDGE Plus customers will during this period enjoy a 20% discount on their daily, weekly and monthly bundles. For customers, who choose not to buy bundles, but pay per use, he said they are extending happy hour to cover the internet. So they will enjoy ½ prices for internet use between 12:30am to 5am every day.

According to him, the iConnect customers most of whom are corporate customers will receive 50% off their package for this month.

“We realize that all these great offers will not mean much to our customers if there is no device to use the internet on – that is why we have partnered with some device suppliers, notable amongst them, Samsung and Huawei to make devices available to our customers of various segments,” said Ofori.

He said the company is particularly excited about the world’s acclaimed solar powered laptop or net book, which Liberians can also own and use the internet on courtesy of Samsung and Lonestar Cell MTN.

Lonestar had led the way in bringing to Liberia the first 3G internet service when it launched the iConnect service last year. The company believes it’s time to take it to the next level by getting more Liberians on the internet.

Ofori announced that Lonestar Cell MTN has just completed a major project that has significantly increased its bandwidth, adding that customers will from now progressively experience much better speeds, using the same devices they have been using.

“In the coming days and weeks”, he said,  “We will be rolling out several customer engagement activations around the use of the internet, which will no doubt touch every Liberian, including the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, the market woman, the student, the business person and indeed just about everybody no matter your profession.”

According to the Chief marketing Officer, most of these activations will be in partnership with various bodies, including the media, educational institutions, government ministries and corporate institutions.

Earlier, Acting Chief Executive Officer S. Layola Fleming said the launch of the Internet for Liberia Project has demonstrated that indeed, Lonestar Cell MTN is the leader in the communication industry in Liberia. “We are moving the industry away from just voice to data”, said CEO Fleming.

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Dr. Fredrick Nokeh, who graced the launch, said the difference between the First World and the Third World is technology, adding “Internet is important because it improves efficiency and productivity.”

Meanwhile, Lonestar Cell MTN lucky subscriber Miss Caroline M. Caranda, has been announced winner of one million Liberian dollars to climax the company’s Text N Win promotion, which started last December. Miss Caranda won the grand prize Monday at the final draw of the Text N Win Promotion raffle.

The company over a period of three months, afforded subscribers the opportunity to walk away with huge sums of Liberian dollars in its Text N Win promotion launched during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. According to Lonestar Cell MTN, the “Text N Win” has given away a total L$10m in cash and airtime prizes during the three-month promotional period.

“Txt N Win” was a SMS based game that gives customers, who choose to play, an opportunity to win daily, weekly and monthly cash prizes and air time.

The first monthly winner emerged last December when his number appeared on Lonestar Cell MTN projector, declaring him a winner of LD$500,000. Monday’s draw witnessed another subscriber, who has collected one million Liberian dollars, for texting messages to short code 3310 during the three months period.

Caroline in a joyous mood, praised the company for its good program. Caroline could not explain how she intends to the money because according to her, the amount was unexpected.

“I’m so glad to be chosen by machine amongst many subscribers, who use their resources to play in this draw. I am really blessed by God himself,” she noted in excitement.

Caroline said she has been a Lonestar Cell MTB subscriber for 10 years, adding that it was good she was part of the process, something she said had made her a local millionaire.

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