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Lonestar Cell MTN Launches New Tower in Garmu

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Lonestar Cell MTN has extended its network coverage to the remote town of Garmu, in Bong County with the construction of a mobile Base Station Tower (BTS).

Garmu is a small town to the north of Palala in Bong. Residents of the town are now said to be enjoying quality connectivity on Lonestar Cell MTN’s network as the result of the installation of the BTS.

The corporation says it will not restate the challenges Liberia faces, but rather to advance solutions that would further the growth and development of the country and provide excellent service to subscribers.

Residents of the town have expressed satisfaction and commended Lonestar Cell MTN for making such a major investment in their area. Leaders of the community expressed surprise that though subscribers are not many in the area, Lonestar Cell MTN would reach out to them.

Responding to the residents, Lonestar Cell MTN’s Chief Technical Officer Wassim Ghanem said the corporation does not discriminate in implementing its vision of expanding network coverage in Liberia.

Ghanem said all Liberians everywhere deserve connectivity and Lonestar Cell MTN would not rest until every village, town, city and county in Liberia has adequate network coverage.

Making remarks recently at the dedication of the ACE Cable Terminal Station in Monrovia, the Chair of the House Committee on Posts & Telecommunications Representative Numene Bartekwa jokingly said  GSM companies in the country whose network coverage cannot be received all over the country would be called to provide reasons.

A wave of laughter moved through the audience with stage whispers heard: “Well, Lonestar will not be called because you can get Lonestar in more places around the country, even remote places than other networks.”

It can be recalled that Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s leader in telecommunications a few months ago installed the first versatile Mobile Base Station Tower, demonstrating a high level of ingenuity and innovation in the area of mobile telecommunications not just in Liberia, but on the continent of Africa.

Versatile Mobile BTS Sites are used for quick deployment in remote areas with challenging access like the town of Garmu. BTS is the internationally recognized abbreviation for Base Transmission Site which, in other words, is a complete GSM radio site.

In another development, Lonestar Cell MTN’s SIM Registration Festivals continue around the country with recent happenings in Saclepea and Tappita in Nimba County and Gbarnga and Garmu in Bong County, respectively.

Lonestar Cell MTN continues to organize these festivals to provide ease and accessibility to its thousands of subscribers across the country to enable them register their SIMs in compliance with the Liberia Telecommunications Authority’s mandate that all users of SIM cards in Liberia should comply with a mandatory registration process.

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