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Lonestar Cell MTN & Orange Liberia reinstate Mobile Money fees

Lonestar Cell MTN and Orange Liberia announce that from July 1, 2020, all fees waived on Mobile Money (MoMo) and Orange Money transactions at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Liberia, will be reinstated.

In March 2020, following the World Health Organization’s warning that the virus could be spread through banknotes, Lonestar Cell MTN and Orange in conjunction with the Central Bank of Liberia suspended all MoMo and Orange transactions fees to encourage all customers to switch to digital payments and minimize the use of cash.

The suspension of fees applied to the following services as of March 24, 2020. A. Zero-rating of all payments to merchants (supermarkets, shops, retail outlets, etc.). B.Zero-rating of all charges to deposit and withdraw money to and from bank accounts using Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money.

C.Zero-rating of all fees for sending money from one customer to another (p2p transactions)
These measures were slated to end one month after they were implemented. However, due to the state of emergency and the national lockdown, the measures were extended to June 30, 2020 to further reduce the burden of the pandemic on the people of Liberia.

UcheOfodile, CEO of Lonestar Cell MTN, said, “As we reinstate the fees and begin our return to a sense of ‘normalcy’, we urge customers to continue using MoMo to safely and conveniently pay for goods and services, pay bills, transfer to and from their bank accounts and even send money to loved ones without having to worry about transaction fees or germs. We will continue to work to advance digital financial inclusion while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure we can end COVID-19 for good.”

Commenting on the development, MamadouCoulibaly, CEO of Orange Liberia, said, “Removing the transaction fees from Orange Money transactions was very crucial to help protect our customers. Despite the fees being reinstated, we look forward to continuing to advance digital financial services in Liberia.”

About MTN Mobile Money
MTN Mobile Money makes transactions fast, convenient, and most importantly, secure. Signing up for MoMo is free. Just visit any Lonestar Cell MTN service center or registered MoMo agent with a valid identification card and fill out an application form. We are #GoodTogether.

About Orange Money
Orange Money is first and foremost services to make your life easier every day. By managing your money from your mobile you save time.
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