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Lonestar Cell MTN partners with Transsion to Launch the New Camon-19 and Spark 9 Smartphone series with Double Data Offer

Lonestar Cell MTN has partnered with Transsion, the Chinese-based manufacturer of the Tecno Camon-19 and Spark-9 smartphones, to provide customers with a double data offer.

With the launch of the new Tecno Camon-19 and Tecno Spark 9 series, Lonestar Cell MTN announced that customers who purchase any one of the series will enjoy double data for six months on every data bundle purchased.  

“This offer is a part of our ‘Data dah Life’ campaign that offers everyone unrestricted access to the benefits of a modern and connected life. With the purchase of any of the TECNO Camon-19 or the Spark 9 series, users can browse the internet, upload, and download on their new smartphone without worrying about running out of data.” said Adebayo Oyeyipo, Lonestar Cell MTN Manager of Products and Services

The Camon-19 camera has a 64-Megapixel RGBW metering sensor that allows the camera to capture well-exposed images in low-light situations. With the 5,000mAh battery, the Camon-19 can be used for up to eight hours without charging. This smartphone also has 128GB of onboard data storage. 

The Spark 9 has similar features.  

Kenmoe Jacques, Transsion Country Manager of Liberia and Sierra Leone, said that the partnership with Lonestar Cell MTN is a perfect one for customers. 

“We believe the new Tecno Camon-19 and Spark 9 series provides users with more capacity to live an upgraded mobile life.”

The new Techno Camon-19 and Spark 9 can be purchased at any Phone Shop and Lonestar Cell MTN Service Center across the country.

About the Lonestar Cell MTN

Launched in 2001, Lonestar Cell MTN is Liberia’s trusted mobile phone and mobile money operator. Our singular focus is to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world for our customers. With our reliable country-wide network, partnerships with Liberia’s major banks, and over nine-thousand Mobile Money agents, Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers can deposit and withdraw cash, pay bills, and pay for services seamlessly. We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern and connected life.  

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