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Lonestar Cell MTN revolutionizing television viewing in Liberia

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Today in Liberia, the television remains a critical aspect in telling and receiving stories be it hard news events or everyday social stories. Arguably, television broadcast coverage is heavily limited by infrastructural developments across the country.

As mobile telephony takes on the challenge of infrastructural development and reaches the cusp of nationwide coverage, Lonestar Cell MTN has again risen to the challenge to excite the Liberian Telecommunication market with another innovative and exciting service. Today the telecommunications giant is proud to be the first and only telecommunication company in Liberia to launch a Mobile TV service that is 100% Data Charges free in association with 2CTV.

2CTV is unique to Lonestar, bringing enormous value to the Liberian telecommunications market. It offers subscribers the ability to stream live from the smart mobile devices and watch their favourite local and international movies without using their Data / Internet bundles. All that a subscriber has to do is to download the 2CTV App from Play Store (on Android Smartphones) or App Store (on Apple / iOS Smartphones). Subscribers can also download it free of cost through a zero rated download link that Lonestar Cell MTN has created. They can send the text ‘2CTV’ via WhatsApp to 0888 500 000 to receive the download link for free download.

There will be zero data charges to watch the TV Channels. Subscribers only have to pay a very low subscription fee for the package of their choice which includes hourly, daily, weekly and monthly packages. The packages are very affordable considering the state of our economy and the need to ensure every Liberian can watch television no matter the size of their income. The bundles start from just 60 cents.

Digitization is fuelling tremendous growth across all sectors of the Liberian economy and the arts industry is no exception. The introduction of the 2CTV, which allows subscribers to watch TV on the go promises to have more TV viewership across the country and thereby creating a rife environment for content developers of all kinds.

Today, the 2CTV presents smartphone users several options for affordable entertainment at their fingertips. It also offers amazing opportunities for those in the traditional television space as technology and innovations threaten to displace them. With a teeming youthful population, this area of entertainment holds immense potential for growth and it is expected to scale massively in the near future.

Indeed, the future is bright with Lonestar Cell MTN. The future of the Liberian television entertainment space appears even brighter with telecommunications companies like Lonestar Cell MTN sharing various innovative products to uplift and brighten the lives of everyone.

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