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Lonestar Cell MTN rolls out ‘Switch!’ Campaign

Telecoms giant demonstrates its commitment to meeting the demands for increased data usage by launching a unique data reward incentive scheme.

Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s largest telecommunications service provider, has rolled out the ‘Switch!’ Campaign to meet the growing needs of data usage amongst consumers. This new incentive offers customers a faster, smarter data experience on the company’s recently upgraded network.

The ‘Switch!’ Campaign rewards anyone who uses their smartphone on the Lonestar network for the first time and purchases a data package for $1 and above using the *352# code with Double Data for 6 months. This innovative service offers great value by doubling the data purchased at the same affordable data bundle price. It also gives customers an added reason to upgrade to smartphones to experience the online world at fast internet speeds.

According to Manu Rajan, Chief Marketing Officer, and “The Switch’! Campaign is a welcome call for change in the digital lives of Liberians. We urge them to join Liberia’s largest family to experience our new improved data network. We will welcome all our new data users on our network with double data on all data packages for $1 and above for the next 6 months to enjoy the things they love on the internet. Our existing customers can continue to enjoy the great offers they get on *352# or on the Discount Store when they call 500 or *500#.”

Lonestar Cell MTN is proud of its commitment of ensuring every single Liberian benefit from a modern connected life and we are continuously working towards this goal of taking everyone to a bold new digital world.-Press release

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