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Lonestar Cell Reacts

The Lonestar Cell MTN management has denied news allegations and public speculations that the phone lines of some of its subscribers were being monitored or tapped by the company.

The company at a news conference Tuesday condemned the allegations, describing them as false and misleading with the intent to damage the good image it has built over the past ten years in Liberia.

Chief Communication Consultant Dr. Laurence Bropleh, said Lonestar Cell is not involved in any criminal act of such, adding that the company is not that equipped to engage in such act, especially against its subscribers.

“We cannot tap into people lines; we are not even equipped to do so, and if we were, we will never do it to our subscribers or any other person for that matter. We will never do anything of such and we are not that type of people to do so”, Bropleh denied.

Reacting to comments by some individuals that Mr. Benoni Urey, a major shareholder is using his influence to tap into private lines mainly from the Unity Party, he said the statement was untrue and clarified that Mr. Benoni Urey does not operate Lonestar Cell.

“Mr. Urey does not run Lonestar Cell; he works in consultation; he does not direct the company’s operations in any form,” he explained.

The Lonestar Cell official spokesperson said anyone with such evidence should pursue legal action against the company.

The former chief of office staff of Bong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Darius Dallion, speaking to Truth FM radio Tuesday, accused the Lonestar Cell and Mr. Urey of tapping on his phone line thus, monitoring his conversations.

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Dillon said the calls monitoring by the GSM company is mainly done to people like him (Dillon) who speaks a lot for the Unity Party with reasons best known to the Company and Mr. Urey.

However, Dr. Bropleh said Dillon is ignorance of the way the communication system works; “Dillon is not technically incline; he is not advanced in his understanding of the system and how it works; why will responsible company like Lonestar cell want to tap into people lines,” he wondered.

Meanwhile, the Lonestar Cell MTN management has assured its many subscribers across the country that it will remain law-abiding and protective of their interest through quality services.

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