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Lonestar Cell Supports Amputee Football Team

The Winner of the 2008 All Africa Cup, the Amputee Football Federation of Liberia (AFFEL) is on its way to Accra for the 3rd All Amputee African Nations Cup with Lonestar Cell MTN being the only GSM Company in Liberia supporting the team.

The team has benefited from the guidance and support of the Corporate Communications Executive Dr. Laurence Konmla Bropleh, acting in his personal capacity, before introducing the team to the company.

According to Dr. Bropleh, “This team exemplifies commitment. They have given their all to the task of making the seemingly impossible become reality, and I applaud their spirit.”

Lonestar Cell MTN believes that there are many ways to support national welfare and enhance opportunities for social and self-development, which is one of the approaches within the means of the private sector.

Lonestar Cell MTN has an established reputation for supporting initiatives that impact and improve the well-being of Liberian institutions, communities and citizens, and is pleased to form a relationship with the Amputee Football Federation of Liberia that will see Lonestar Cell MTN supporting the National Team in many ways.

In a sendoff moment with the Team, Dr. Bropleh said the company is pleased to be a partner in supporting and encouraging the team’s journey to the African Nations Cup by sponsoring their National League, underwriting their final training camp; providing Lonestar Cell MTN branded T-shirts and caps as well as free airtime for all players which will allow them to roam on their Lonestar Cell MTN numbers in Ghana to stay in touch with family, friends and well-wishers back home.

Also speaking at the Sendoff Moment, Lonestar Cell MTN’s manager for Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment, Marlene Smith said: “I remember driving down Tubman Boulevard and seeing the players on the field; I watched in amazement.

To now be in a position to encourage their efforts, even in a small way, is gratifying. They represent not only a fundamental MTN brand value, a can-do spirit, but also a determination that all Liberians can and should be proud of.”

According to Dr. Bropleh, Lonestar Cell MTN sees its partnership and support to the National Amputee Football Team of Liberia as another example of how initiatives of the Liberian Government can be supported by corporate entities and assured that Lonestar Cell MTN stands ready to continue to support in strategic and tangible ways current and future endeavors of the government while praising President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s Chief Patron of Sports for her support to the team.

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