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Lonestar Hits Ten Digits

The leading GSM giant in Liberia Lonestar Cell, has gone ten digits as it was mandated by the LTA for all GSM companies operating here to allow their subscribers to use ten digit numbers in order to enable Liberia get on path with other international countries.

The Lonestar Cell over the weekend assured its value customers that everyone will maintain their same number with Lonestar cell. Explaining to journalists at the company head office in Congo Town, the Corporate Communication Consultant, Dr. Laurence Bropleh said those with the 088 numbers are already in ten digits, so they will maintain it.

He said for those who are using the 06 number will also maintain their number but will drop the zero behind the six and add 088 to reach the ten digits. He gave the example that, if your number was 06458910, will now have 0886458910.

Dr. Bropleh said all their customers will be notified if the company starts the process. He added that though Lonestar Cell was the first GSM Company to start implementing the LTA mandate by introducing the 088, the company was never pleased because many of its subscribers were still using the 06 number.

He stressed that the Lonestar Communication Cooperation or LCC, a member of the MTN group will continue to make its customers proud and smile. He then announced the successful completion of the Lonestar Cell 21-days of care. Bropleh also used the occasion to caution Liberians and Lonestar Cell users to take advantage of the company weekly raffle draw.

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