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Lonestar MTN gives to lucky winners at 10th anniversary of Mobile Money service

In observance of the 10th year of GSM giant Lonestar Cell MTN’s Mobile Money service in Liberia, the company on Saturday, 27 March held a raffle draw on Broad and Randall Streets in Monrovia as a way of giving back to its customers.

The raffle draw held as part of MTN’s Mobile Money (MoMo) Waysay Wasa campaign included for lucky winners, small Tiger Generators, motorbikes, Tricycles (Kehkehs), a vehicle, pressing iron, fan, DSTV subscription, and Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) subscription, among others.Waysay Wasa is a Liberian colloquial used to suggest that valuable things are being given to people in abundance at a very low cost, and it is popular in market places.

With so much on sale at the MTN MoMo Waysay Wasa Campaign on Saturday, participants were given the choice to pay for anything they desired including food, drinks and electricity or DSTV bills, using MTN Mobile Money Service which led several of them to win some of the items.

Addressing the gathering, MTN Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ali Fakih says the GSM Company is here today just for every single customer, recalling that 10 years ago, there was an idea about how money could be sent to people without using cash.

According to him, the MTN Mobile Money service has eased the worries about how to send money for instance, to your mother who might be sick but is somewhere far away in the bush.

Prior to the use of the MTN Mobile Money service, he notes that you got to send money to the intended person by transporting someone else in order help you extend your financial support to your family member.
But now with Mobile Money, he says all a customer needs to do is just take their mobile phone and transfer money to the intended person.

“We’re trying to make things very comfortable for all of you so that you can enjoy and you can make sure that your family is safe,” he adds.Mr. Fakih notes that customers can sit right at home and pay their school fees or do other financial transactions using the MTN MoMo service.

Regarding the MTN MoMo Waysay Wasa campaign, he says lucky winners would walk away with TVs, small generators, motorbike, kehkeh, and a vehicle just by dialing the mobile money service code to pay bills for anything purchased.“You see that car over there, the case is for one of you!” Mr. Fakih says, adding with confidence that somebody will win.

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Mr. Christopher Ssali, General Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money says this year the company’s Mobile Money service has made 10 years since it was launched in Liberia, noting that MTN held the program to celebrate its.
He notes that the MTN Mobile Money service enables customers to pay their bills, push money in and out of their bank accounts, pay for electricity and DSTV.“Mobile Money is available in the supermarkets, Mobile Money is available in small shops, Mobile Money is available in the market places,” Mr. Ssali says.

He discloses that the way MTN chose to celebrate the 10th year of Mobile Money service is to give back to its customers, using the MoMo Waysay Wasa campaign to give away as much as possible to customers, including TVs, motorbikes, kehkehs and a car, among others.

Mr. Gibson Kollie, representing MTN Liberia’s banking partner Ecobank Liberia, says the relationship with MTN has been longstanding, stating that the two partners have been doing business together for over 10 years.

According to Mr. Kollie, they have done a lot of transactions including airtime purchase, data bundle intended for internet and the Mobile Money service, among a whole lot more.

“Imagine sitting in your home and you want to pay your DSTV bill and you just go to your mobile money, move the money you’re your mobile money account to DSTV and the payment is done. If you were off, you are back on. Imagine that kind of magic!” says Mr. Kollie.

“And that is what MTN has brought to this market, and we think that to collaborate with them is not a mistake. And we have been doing that over time and we will continue to do that,” he adds.

Additionally, Mr. Kollie says through collaboration with MTN, Ecobank’s financial transactions using Mobile Money now reach as far as Ganta, Nimba County and Maryland County or wherever in Liberia where other residents do not have access to banking services.“And so we want that support wherever we can get it from to work with them to make sure they succeed in everything that they do,” he continues.

During the MoMo Waysay Wasa campaign on Broad and Randall Streets, several Liberian artists including MTN Mobile Money Brand Ambassador and Comedian Angel Michael, entertained the crowd.
By Winston W. Parley

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