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Lonestar MTN introduces digital cash transaction service

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Liberia’s leading telecommunication giant Lonestar Cell MTN has introduced a digital cash transaction service dubbed, “MoMo Pay” to make daily transactions at all payment stations easy and convenient for its one million plus subscribers across the country.

Launching the MoMo Pay service on Lonestar Cell MTN’s Mobile Money network at the Era Supermarket in Congo Town, 6 April, the company explains that the digital financial transaction service works by attaching smart stickers to subscribers’ mobile phones.

Lonestar Cell MTN’s Massa Dennis says the service will be rolled out to supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, restaurants, petrol stations and all payment points across Liberia.

Lonestar Cell MTN demonstrated the MoMo Pay Service at Ear Supermarket, with employees and other customers, who are connected to the service purchasing goods and paying to the supermarket through the new service.

Giving an overview of the “Tap and Pay Service,” Ms. Dennis says Lonestar Cell MTN is honored to be the first GSM Company to introduce Mobile Money service to the Liberian public.

According to her, this innovative service will enable mobile phones and merging point of sale terminals to connect to the MTN Mobile Money where MTN’s one million plus Mobile Money subscribers will be able to pay for goods and services simply by tapping their phones and their merging point of sale device.

She says the company is honoring its commitment made to the public to provide world class digital financial services by the launch of “MoMo Pay,” the first of its kind here.

The Lonestar Cell MTN official notes that the service is helping to bridge the gap and provide access to finance for Liberians across the country, especially in rural communities.

She discloses that over 4,000 civil servants across the country are receiving their salaries through Mobile Money, and adds that Lonestar Cell MTN is taking a giant leap today in introducing innovative service.

Ms. Dennis further explains that MoMo Pay is aimed at making daily financial transactions easy, convenient and also eliminates the risk of carrying cash around in wallets and purses that could easily be dropped or stolen.

She says the service is provided by a global provider of confident mobile payments and financial services.

She thanked all partners, especially, the Central Bank of Liberia for providing the enabling environment for the growth of digital financial in Liberia.

At the launch were a number of business representatives, who welcomed the program, including Central Bank of Liberia (CBL’s) Fred D. Koilor, Ecobank Liberia’s Gibson Kollie, Liberia Business Association President David Sembeh, and Maroon Chicken CEO, Mazen Halabi, among others.

Earlier in welcome statement, Lonestar MTN’s Christal Reeves notes that the company was launching its exciting and innovative new service on its mobile money network that will revolutionize payments at payment points throughout Monrovia and all around Liberia.

Liberia Business Association (LIBA) president David Sembeh expresses gratitude to the Management of Lonestar Cell MTN for the invaluable services being provided the Liberian people over the years, taking into account the economic benefits they bring to business people here.

Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) representative Mr. Fred D. Koilor said digital financial services are tools used to enhance financial inclusion, noting that government has financial inclusion goal which cannot be achieved unless digital financial services are prioritized.

He says, “We’re” glad to see Lonestar Cell MTN taking such giant step in digital financial services, assuring cooperation with the company and any other institution in the market that seeks to enhance digital financial services.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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