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Lonestar MTN launches electronic fees payment at UL

Leading Liberian telecommunication giant Lonestar Cell MTN has launched a partnership with Liberian – owned technology group Mwetana and the University of Liberia (UL) to give students easy access to pay their fees via MTN Mobile Money service conveniently without standing in long queues.

The service was launched Tuesday, 2 July at the Fendall Campus of the University of Liberia, bringing together scores of students and authorities at the state – run University.

Through a partnership between UL and Mwetana, the University has transitioned from manual registration to digital registration of students, and the introduction of fees payment through Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money service will significantly ease the burden of students staying in long queues to complete their registration process.

In a special statement at the program, UL Vice President for Finance and Fiscal Affairs Mr. P. Garswa Jackson says the University is now at a place where students can now go for vacation in America without worrying that registration has started because of the availability of digital transaction service.

“We’ve gotten rid of the process where people will stay in queue for hours to get a bailing form. You can sit in your homes and register, but there is still a challenge,” Mr. Jackson notes.

To enhance the University’s digital service, he says the UL Administration looked for another partner to ease the burden of students staying in queues for UL’s Business and Finance Office (BFO) to do manual reconciliation exercise after students have paid fees at the bank.

Following the search, Mr. Jackson says the University got Lonestar Cell MTN to solve this problem.

“MTN has come in to ensure that you don’t have to go to the bank to stay in queue anymore. At the same time, when you make your payment, you will get registration complete automatically,” he reveals.

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UL Vice President for Administration Madam WeadaKobbahBoley says the long registration lines have been reduced to nothing, and issues that the University was confronted with before during registration are virtually nonexistent.

“We can say with certainty the amount of students actually enrolled at the University of Liberia without wondering how many slipped through the loopholes,” says Madam Boley.

Earlier, Mr. Samuel Duo, Lonestar Cell MTN Head of Human Resource expressed thanks to the UL Administration for the very bold step forward.

Making comparison between the conditions students faced at UL during registration in the past and today, Mr. Duo who says he is working on his second Masters at UL, explains that “this is a very bold step forward” because students can sit anywhere today and do their registration.

“I know the stress, I was living and working in Firestone, and I had to commute, and I had to even sometimes ask people to go and proxy for me to pay my fees and all of that. Today, it is seamless. Today I sit in my office and go on the platform and do my registration process,” Mr. Duo says.

Additionally, he reveals to students that Lonestar Cell MTN has lots of opportunities that they can take advantage of, including getting 15 people on internship for 12 to 18 months and other services intended to boost the strength of people engaged in small businesses, among others.

For his part, the CEO of Mwetana Mr. Vivian Jones warns that with the existence of the digital registration service at UL, students who entered the University through other means will eventually get caught.

“So if you came in some funny ways, start working on it now to clear how you got in here,” he says.

Concerning the issue of grades, he warns that once grades are submitted for students, they cannot be changed unless the normal grade change process is followed with the relevant university authorities.

“So the thing to do is to study, that is why you are here. Study because once you leave these walls, we expect you to contribute to society,” he cautions the students.

For his part, Mr. Prince Chesson, Lonestar MTN’s Acting Head of Mobile Money says his company noticed the need to introduce seamless digital payment through MTN Mobile Money and embarked on an arrangement with Mwetana and UL to facilitate the Mobile Money process.

He says Lonestar MTN is excited because this modernization project is implemented by a Liberian – owned company.

On behalf of the student population, student Benedict Paye expresses gratitude to the University Administration for inviting the MTN family to give students easy access to registration.By Winston W. Parley

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