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Lonestar MTN Launches Season Gifts

Lonestar Cell MTN has officially launched what they called “unprecedented 4-into-1 promotion, code named “Perfect Holiday Season Gift.” The company says the launch of the promotion is a demonstration of its commitment to lead the way in providing the most innovative services and promotions on the Liberian communication market.

The new promotion is expected to run for three months – December, January and February – and will afford the subscribers the opportunity to choose their “Perfect Holiday Season Gift” from four gift packages.

Disclosing the detail about the promotion to journalists at a news conference, while counting down from the fourth to the first gift, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Lonestar Cell MTN Group, Mr. Clement Ofori Assante, explained that the fourth gift is an LG-GS106 color screen phone.

The color screen phone, which is equipped with a radio and loudspeaker, comes with a free SIM card and it costs US$29. Another reasonable gift attached to it is that subscribers will be given back 50% of all the credits they use in a month.

Mr. Asante described the third gift as incredible offer with another color screen G2101 phone, equipped with a flash light and sold only at US$20, and this offer, according him, comes with a free SIM preloaded with airtime.

The Lonestar Cell CMO told newsmen that the second gift is a holiday giveaway directly for those Lonestar Cell subscribers who have not registered their SIM, adding that the gift is “Register and Win.” He said unregistered subscribers who register during the three months will receive US$1 airtime within 24 hours of their registration of their SIM Card.

Indicating what he called an extra bonus, he said, “We have reduced the price of changing or retrieving one’s SIM from US$1 to US$0.50 or LD35, so customers can get back their missing or faulty SIM and register.  That is why we call it a gift.”

For the first gift, the CMO said his company has termed it “text and win,” which, according to him, is a big one for all subscribers of the entity. He added that the Lonestar Cell MTN is giving out over LD$10 million in cash and airtime during the three-month promotion.

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The “”text and win is an SMS-based game which gives customers who choose to play the opportunity to win daily, weekly, and monthly prices and then, at the end, one lucky winner gets whooping LD1 million cash. It is announced that those who wish to play must send an SMS with the word ‘win’ to the short code 3310.

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