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LOOKIN INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE: Madam President’s Successor Story – P. I.

Now that we have crossed the Rubicon following all of the political turbulence, what becomes thinkable at the moment and the months to come is who takes over from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf within the Unity party in 2017. This is one question which may just be lingering in the minds of   a number of Liberian political onlookers, and not only those within the UP.

Already, there is one answer provided by President Sirleaf. Remember after launching “Hurricane Ellen” at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia in October of 2011 wherein she could not present her party’s platform due to over-crowdedness, President Sirleaf visited the central town of Gbarnga in Bong County where she officially made her presentation to the people of Liberia.

During that ceremony, the President mentioned something that she had not said before publicly since her inauguration in January of 2006 on the ground of the Capitol Building—and that was “a young man would be her successor.”

The fact that Madam President did not mention any name, it became very clear that guesses would emerge considering the presence of a number of young people in key positions of trust in her administration.

As some pointed fingers at Planning and Economic Affairs Minister Amara Conneh, who is also referred to as “Mr. Prime Minister” in certain government circles, others guessed Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan and so forth.

These assumptions may have just been wrong- and from all indications they were actually the wrong assumptions. Perhaps it was their commitment and hard work in government that led to these guesses.

Amid all of these and many more, as the weeks and months passed the debate was narrowed to just one name, and that’s the name presently within the corridors of the ruling establishment. It is persistently being mentioned in certain quarters. And Beyan Kesselly is none other than that name from my own investigation.

Probably for many reasons that cannot be said here, he may be the ‘David’ to be anointed for the Unity Party come 2017.

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Yes, it could be!  And if my investigation is something to go by, then Beyan Kesselly, Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority is poised to succeed Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as the Political Leader of the Unity Party, preparing for the 2017 political showdown in Liberia.

His utterances, including his reaction to allegations that he may have been behind the arson attack on the Sarafina Ventures and Communications, Inc., could have been in consonance with this ambition.

There are even unconfirmed reports that he has led a team of individuals, including a number of young journalists and new UP politicians to Accra, Ghana to begin the process of strategizing his ambition.

With no disrespect to him and others, one would have thought that such a strategy meeting should have been held either in Cape Palmas, Sass Town, Grand Cess, Buchanan, Yekepa, Saanniiquellie, Robertsport, Zorzor or  even Voinjama, the capital of his country of origin(Lofa). But again, Commissioner Kesselly may have had his own reason for such an extension-who knows?

In fact, why now such a meeting when Ma Ellen is yet to be inaugurated?  It’s too early mehn. Perhaps after January 16, 2012 would have been most appropriate for such a meeting –whether in Ghana, Nigeria, Paris, New York or wheresoever. Again, Commissioner Kesselly may just know why and not me or you.

But on a serious note, even though Beyan Kesselly may have had some times on this matter, he still needed more time for this, especially following Madam President’s second-term inauguration.

Anyway, I hope this information is also an assumption. But again, where there is smoke, there is also fire, as one would never notice the presence of a meat unless it starts to decay. We are watching!!!

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