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Lookin’ Inside From Outside – Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs Pt. II

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“I Will Not Take the Liberian Government to Court for the Irresponsible Attitude of Sebastian Muah:” Cont’d From Last Edition.

On his profile with the Ministry of Planning, Sebastian claims to have an AA in General Studies (Truett- McConnell). He didn’t think it was that important to include same on his profile with Angel Fire. That’s fine we all do that sometimes. But on his Ministry of Planning profile, this high school valedictorian went on to claim that he holds a BS in Computer Science& Mathematics from Mercer University in the state of Georgia.

However, on Angel Fire he said he holds a BA, in Computer Science/Mathematics, from Mercer University, GA. Now that is something. Sebastian told the world in his profile at the Planning Ministry, that he holds Masters in International Economics at (Mercer University). He wanted his profile to match his post as Chief for Economic Policy and Planning. In a communication he forwarded to me via the internet, Muah claims to have an MBA from [Mercer University, Self design program, Entrepreneurship & International Economics] ‘.

So I checked in with Mercer University to match apple for apple with all the bogus claims made by this pathological liar. There are reasons why he won’t apply through the front door. He was brought in by an MC classmate. That’s fine. I am quite sure that folks like Muah will not pass the SES credential scrutiny test.

At Mercer University, none of the Masters programs offered has anything to do with an MBA in Entrepreneurship & International Economics. Please take a look ( Sebastian claims he was enrolled in a Post Undergraduate (MBA courses), with Albany State University, GA. In the same vein, that MBA, accordingly, he went on to finish with Mercer University. Mercer University does not officer a BS in Computer Science & Mathematics.

These days, our imposter has surfaced at the Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz School of Public Policy in Pittsburg, Penn where he is set to earn an MSIT in 2011 at the end of a sabbatical. In his Facebook profile he listed Carnegie as a networking avenue, but failed to list his professed Alma Matter, Mercer University. This man said he was given the chance to self-design his own Masters program. I hope this school has the resources to hire someone to supervise such student Muah even if he is on an independent study? At Carnegie, the following courses are offered in MSIT (MSIT-MOB, MSIT-IS, MSIT-SM, MSIN, and MSISTM). According to him, he is on an MSIT [Carnegie Mellon, ICT for Development & Policy, expected 2011, on sabbatical while I serve honorably in this Government]. This self professed student on vacation will have to tell us which Carnegie offers the brand of MSIT he is claiming.

At Carnegie, these are the objectives of MSIT: MOB – prepares students to be at the forefront of the converged mobile/Internet regime with a multidisciplinary curriculum spanning both technical and business topics in mobile applications, services and devices. MSIT-Information Security (IS) – Prepares students to become leaders in information security by blending education in information security technology with other topics essential for the effective development and management of secure information systems. MSIT-Software Management (SM) – Prepares software engineers and project managers for leadership roles in software product management. In addition to these programs, there is an MSIN (The Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) gives students a solid foundation in information networking and introduces students to management, strategic thinking, and policy, with the opportunity to study each of these areas in greater depth through electives. The MSIN offered in Japan and the next enrollment is on 2011 (

This kid is great, in less than a decade of residing in the US, here are places he claims to have worked while schooling and running a home (UNAIDS [Country Response Information Systems Manager/M&E], Socket Works [Country Manager], Sapient [Senior Technologist], Georgia Pacific [Sr. Administrative System Consultant], IBM [Business Intelligence Contractor], Accenture [Telecommunication Contractor], Atlanta Casualty & American Financial Group [System Architect/Manager Application Development], Software Architects [Manager], Deloitte & Touche/DRT Systems [Sr. Manufacturing Consultant], System Analyst [Miller Brewing Company].  Oh and before I forget, My Undergraduate Degrees are AA [Truett-McConnell College, General Studies/Pre-engineering], BA [Mercer University, Computer Science/Mathematics], MBA [Mercer University, Self design program, Entrepreneurship & International Economics], MSIT [Carnegie Mellon, ICT for Development & Policy, expected 2011, on sabbatical while I serve honorably in this Government]).

Sebastian went on to state that the MOPEA wanted to give me a chance to develop my father’s ethic homeland of Grand Cape. And if a man cannot develop his own homeland, where else can he develop, he asked? My answer is nowhere. But this is exactly my point, under his watch, nowhere in Liberia was developed. This boy will never stop dancing to his own mediocrity tunes. Is Muah suggesting to us that being my overall boss, as he claimed; his homeland Grand Kru County is well developed? If yes how; and if no why?

Firstly, Kids like Sebastian are the sort of people that walk up to their parents and demand for a toy when daddy and mummy are thinking of how the rent or mortgage is paid tomorrow. He has no knowledge of how the PRS is run. No CDO was selected on the basis of their county. For instance, I was born and raised in Montserrado, and by coincidence, I was sent to Cape Mount by the SES, and not because my father or me came from there. Patrick Sawyer on the other hand is from Grand Kru, but was sent to Grand Bassa. The gentleman who was given Montserrado County, Steve Guzeh, is a Lorma man with a clear Buzay accent.

For all, the PRS was structured in a manner such that what affect one county, affects the other 14 counties. What affects Cape Mount negatively or positively, affects others similarly. The failure of one is the failure of all. Muah has honestly made it clear, Cape Mount failed even though the Sam Jackson Commission rated it first among counties with the most projects completed. What Muah won’t say is that other counties are even poorer. Firstly, taking personal responsibilities for one’s failure is the beginning of success. This IT guy should take responsibility of their mishandling of the PRS. Liberia should watch out for fake intellectuals and want to be policy advisers like the Sebastian Muahs who show up at the eve of a serious brainstorming process, and offer to know it all.

This outright deception by pseudo intellectuals and coupled with wide spread corruption, have created a serious blemish on educated Liberians. Their actions have turned voters away from true Liberian intellectual elite class. Our voters no longer find pleasure in putting the-know-it-all in the Mansion.  At the barber shop, saloon, shoe repairing shops, and others, the air is filled with hate for book people. One of the most popular slogans in Liberia today is, ‘give us an honest leader who has Liberia at heart, than a bookish leader who loots Liberia with excuse’. The people are fed up with so called educated Liberians who lack the moral make up. To be frank, the largest voting class Liberians has set the bar at honesty and integrity, and not on Harvard Grads. 2011 will tell.

Edmond R. Gray resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and can be reached on 763-447-1063 and at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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