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Lookin’ Inside From Outside – The Lexington Beah’s Medical Report (Part I)

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During the realy morning hours of Sunday, July 11, Liberians were awaken to the news on the British broadcasting Corporation that the deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honorable Togbah Mulbah was under house arrest at his residence in Sinkor.

Of course, that information was reportedly released by the Deputy Director of Police for Operations, Al karley who was at the head of well  armed troops at the Deputy Speaker’s house.

To calm the embarrassment caused by this announcement, a statement issued by the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Christiana Tah contradicted the previous announcement released by the Liberia national Police, through its Deputy Director for Operations.

All these were a result of the alleged flogging of traffic police officer Lexington Beah by the alleged bodyguards of the Deputy Speaker on the Monrovia-Robertsfield highway. The Liberia National Police accused Depputy Speaker Togbah Mulbah of ordering his so-called bodyguards to flog policeman Beah after he impounded his truck.

The Police also reported that Police man Beah was unconscious after being mercilessly beaten. Upon releasing this information to the public, no cared to further look at the other side of the story, but to castigate the Deputy Speaker. Surprisingly, was the condemnation issued by the Vice President of Liberia who had visited the Hospital.

Unfortunately for the propaganda launched gainst the Deputy Speaker by invincible hands who have always seen Deputy Speaker Togbah Mulbah as an obstacle to the interests of the ruling party and the administration in the House of Representatives, including the Threshold Bill, Maritime Time, as well as the process of  privatizing the Roberts International Airport, Lexington’s medical report proved everybody wrong.

According to that medical report, Lexington Beah was conscious upon arrival at the ELWA Hospital at 10:53pm, a little over an hour after the incidence. His Bp read very normal (100 over 70).

While the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives may have been in error for going to the scene, it was also wrong for the police led by Deputy Director Al Karley to enter the premises of Hon. Mulbah forcefully at 12:45 am and brandishing weapons and threatening to arrest, hand-cuff and put him at the back of their pick-up, as if the very Al Karley and his Lieutenants were not knowledgeable about his constitutional rights as a lawmaker.

Deputy Director Karley must understand that his behavior at the Liberia National Police as Deputy Director for Administration concerning the gasoline coupons and other activities was still fresh in our minds.

Now that the ELWA Hospital has released the medical report of Police man Lexington Beah, what become of the lies and negative sentiments  propagated by the Al Karley and the Liberia National Police, as well as the Vice President of Liberia ?

Again, no seems to be looking at the other side of the situation, but the Deputy Speaker’s. Perhaps it is the medical report that has brought shame and embarrassment to those who only reacted on the surface to the report without first verifying.

Perhaps the wide publicity attached to the incidence as a result of the huge cash spent in the media may have made many of us to show our gullibility.

Even if someone wanted to demonize Togbah Mulbah and was only looking for the situation, it should not have been the Lexington Beah incidence.

For the Former NPFL Battle General, Roland Duo to even buttress the lies told by the police when he knew sincerely that Lexington was actually conscious, was unfortunate was very unfortunate.

Again, he got his reward as National Security Coordinator.

But General Roland Duo must remember that “ a gift from a wicked man is always a trap.”

Whether his appointment by the President immediately after the incidence was a reward or an inducement to campaign in Nimba County for 2011, time will tell.

But General Duo needs to tell the public the truth about Lexington Beah’s real status before and after his alleged flogging on the alleged orders of the Deputy Speaker so that God can bless him.

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