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LOOKIN’ INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE – The Quest For Political Power

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Whenever the time for elections is approaching, people with ambitions pretend to be very concern about the plight of their compatriots in the cities, towns and villages of Liberia.

While some criticize and condemn those seen as potential threats, other even promise to ensure that “Heaven is on earth.” That is the exact scenario occurring presently nationwide with less than a year to the holding of Presidential and Legislative elections in Liberia.

Of late, newspaper pages, as well as radio and television airwaves continue to be saturated with hundreds of names claiming to be the best persons for various Legislative seats come 2011.

Almost all of the 94 incumbent legislators, who still anticipate enjoy the privileges, beauty and luxury of the Liberian Legislature are even being seriously challenged by relatives, friends and fellow partisans for the very district and county seats they occupy.

Of course, these challengers may be in two categories- the prepared who have the cash and believe they attract plenty of support from their people and unprepared aspirants who may not have the cash and are being lured into such political venture to satisfy the whims and caprices of political god fathers.

Again, challenging the incumbents could be a very good deal, especially in a situation wherein they lost the trust and confidence of their constituents and/or partisans.

As a keen political observer, my candid opinion on this matter is that there is no better reason that almost all of these aspirants have in the quest for political power, other than the huge benefits they believe the incumbents are presiding over. There is no difference between what they are claiming and that which the incumbents are presently doing in the Legislature.

They may be making all of the loudest noise under the guise of criticisms and promises, as well as currently providing assistance for the various communities in which they reside, they could also be even worst than the incumbents against whom they are speaking.

While it may be an open fact that most of the current legislators have “fallen short of the political glory of their respective constituents and partisans,” it is also important to note that most of the individuals aspiring to be representatives and senators may also be rendering assistance to the communities to give the impressions that they so care for the people.

The irony is that most of these so-called saviors have lived and interacted with these community dwellers for years and not a single day, did they ever render such help, but now that elections would be taking place in a year’s time, they’ve turned to be in love with the people.

I hope I’m not been misconstrued to be against current legislative aspirants outside of the current make-up or supportive of the incumbents. It’s clear and factual, and I’m fully aware of the lapses  that may exist in the relationships between most  of the present legislators and their people back home – not even do they relate them, in terms of consultations.

That’s really the fact. But trust me, and this is a challenge. Those currently aspiring for legislative seats in 2011 will not make any better representatives or senators than those that are presently there.

Their one and only objective is to be like the current representatives and senators, i.e, the good salaries and other benefits befitting their positions as the first branch of government- that’s all. And not really to represent the people’s interest.

For me, since democracy is about competition and participation, so be it- let them contest, but no difference would they make if they were to succeed.

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