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LOOKIN’ INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE: The Story of the Three Cows

Sometimes in my observation of the way things are conducted/run in the government and our society today, I wonder as to why was Dr. William Richard Tolbert, Jr., the 19th President of Liberia over-thrown in the first place, as our country most progressive president?

Even our 20th President, Samuel Kanyon Doe, for whom many ignorant Liberians rejoiced after it was announced on April 12, 1980 that he and other enlisted men “killed” our President, I’m still trying to figure out the essence of his cold blooded murder instigated by heartless individuals whose face are seen in Monrovia and other places in our country claiming to be ‘democrats’ when their characteristics have no semblance of what they claim to be.

While today’s government must be praised for the present level of developments through the instrumentality of the United nations, World bank, European Union and other world organizations, its leadership too has similar political problems as its predecessors, including former President Charles Ghankay Taylor.

Besides the issue of corruption, the patronage system, political coercion and vindictiveness are all characteristics of the current administration just as it has been in past administrations despite the encouraging level of physical developments taking place around the country.

For the last two years up to now, our current political system has actually occasioned political inducements, coercions and vindictiveness to the joy of the impressionists and fortune hunters. There are also those in the administration totally opposed to such political indecency, but  refuse to sympathize with those affected by such vindictiveness because of the fear of being disfavored, excommunicated, marginalized or even dismissed/impeached by or through the influence of the Head of State.

We must be aware that these are individuals either in the Executive or Legislature who are monitored by some of their colleagues who try to buy favor from the President, and at times, they harbor the belief that things would continue to be as they are, and that nothing would change.

If you have been following the political developments at the Legislature on Capitol for the last two years, you would notice that many of these individuals are there- not necessarily members of the ruling Unity Party, but those considered political pendulums or grass-hopper politicians (representatives who unceremoniously broke-away from their original political parties to join the ruling Unity Party for favor and other unconvincing reasons). These are partisans now behaving more than the late Dr. Edward Beyan Kesselly.

Sometimes one wonders as to why would members of the 52nd Legislature, mainly the House of Representatives be so mute about the political prosecution of a dependable colleague of theirs and Deputy Speaker, J. Togbah Mulbah when they are fully aware that the gentleman is simply being witch-hunted? Of course, the answers have all been explained in the foregoing paragraphs.

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It would be very foolhardy for any individual in his rightful mind to believe that Deputy Speaker Togbah Mulbah is court for just alleging ordering the flogging of one Lexington Beah of the Liberia National Police, which is actually losing its essence as a statutory paramilitary institution, considering the manners and forms they conduct themselves in our communities, street corners and highways throughout the country.

When the Bong County Representative should be in sessions on Capitol Hill, he’s seen in court from 9am to 2pm daily at the Criminal Court ‘A’, while his colleagues, except for a few representatives from the Congress for democratic Change, sit at the Capitol pretending as if they are well knowledgeable about Togbah Mulbah being pursued because he had on five occasions rejected so many requests at the highest level of the government to join the ruling Unity Party.

When the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex Tyler mercilessly and brutality man-handle a police officer, the government protected him because he was within the corridors of the ruling party; When Senator Lahai Lassanah of Bomi County shot and killed an innocent gentleman at the Goodridge plantations during a demonstration, no one questioned him and today, he goes with impunity only because he belongs to the ruling Unity party; when Representative Matthew Darbolo hit and killed an innocent Bomi citizen, that issue died natural death because he’s a member of the ruling Unity party and was untouchable as the previous killers. But because Representative J. Togbah Mulbah of Bong County rejected the idea of joining the ruling Unity party, he must ‘ be taught a good political lesson’.

Speaker Tyler, rep. Darbolo, as well as Senator Lassanah and other impressionists/false pretenders and those who continue to remain mute on this matter in the house of Representatives must understand the ‘town trap is never for rats only’. The same Story of the Three Cows-the black, red and brown will one day cover them.

When former President Charles G. Taylor told this story on the day of his resignation and departure in August of 2003, colleagues of his took it for granted on the continent, but today, we are all witnesses to this STORY OF THE THREE COWS in Africa. So let members of the house of Representatives sit and watch as their colleague and Deputy Speaker is being ‘ politically crucified’ under the guise of the law.

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