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Looking back at President Sirleaf’s Legacy (2006-2012) Infrastructure development continued from last edition

Here was I in 2007, as then Editor of the New Democrat newspaper attending a press briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Housing the Presidency with former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

By then she had just returned from a donor conference on Liberia, where she boasted of her government’s achievement. I then asked the president to show me where in the countries national budget funds had been allocated for such development if not donors’ money.

President Sirleaf gave me an answer I have never forgotten with her face flushed she looks at me with that terror in her eyes and said “Whether that donor money or not that’s our money.”

Surely, she was right. Donors’ money has made significant impact here. Though many critics of the Sirleaf’s regime have labeled her as failed, but they sometimes stop short of saying there have been some gains made here.

President Sirleaf looking back at her regime says reconstruction of infrastructures such as roads, bridges; hospitals and schools as well as electricity restoration and pipe borne water have been restored.

Today, the country can boast of a new terminal at the Roberts international Airport in Margibi County, hydro power, the University of Liberia Fandell Campus, the completion of the Central Bank, roads and several bridges.

Under her regime several court complexes were completed as part of her believe in the rule of law. The Jackson F. Doe referrer Hospital is one big achievement under her regime.

Central Bank of Liberia

Aerial view of the Jackson F. Doe Hospital

A circuit court in Nimba County

Cari complex

The New RIA Terminal

Medical Diagnostic Center at ELWA junction

University of Liberia Fandell Campus

By Othello B. Garblah

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