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Looking Inside From Outside – Liberian Presidency: Pt. II

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As a result of discussions and investigations  undertaken from various perspectives, this Liberian Presidency is over-clouded with various competing forces, with those of good and evil dominating, thus rendering her somewhat well incapacitated to make decisions for progress.

In most cases, decision-making is delayed because the few who put up faces like angels, but are also worst than “little devils” most often overshadowed her ability to make practical anticipated actions.

This is not only with Madam Sirleaf’s Presidency, but other Liberian and African Presidencies. There are always a few powerful officials within the Presidency, who dictate their own interest whenever major decisions/actions for the good of the nation are planned and even pronounced to the public.

Why I may be in agreement with those who harbor the belief that there are also the President’s closest relatives and friends, who also influence major decisions and actions, let it be understood that these persons succeed in their endeavors only in the absence of the “under-water” few.

Most often these relatives and friends succeed on the bread fast table of the Executive Mansion or the President’s residence, which is a major decision-making point. And whatever decisions and actions the President takes from here do not actually reflect the realities, but sentiments. This is where the blunders come about and every “Tom, Dick and Harry” blames and criticizes her.

I and other well-meaning Liberians do know that for a leader, decision-making is sometimes characterized by confusion, a situation which makes the leader to actualize plans that are inimical to his or her popularity, something that is now hunting President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

But do we really blame her? Of course yes .This is probably because of Madam President’s own commitment to God-whether or not she has one. I do not question her relationship with the Almighty. I am not the one to really judge her. There will be a day of judgment for all of us.

But the fact remains that, as a leader before a plan is made and hatched, the presence and intervention of the Holy Father must be invited. And when this is done, all forces against the good of the people are subdued. But from what I see in this Liberian Presidency, despite the political good will, it is not well with Ellen, and it is not well with the people of Liberia.

It is not because she’s not meeting up with her commitments, but the people are not satisfied with most of her officials, some of whom are of the belief that they are untouchable, considering their proximity with her.

Whatever influences they exert-be it personal relationship or demonic, the inflicted impressions, relative to their respective administrative functions, accompanied by the warm sentimental platitudes given her, always over-shadowed her rapid response to the numerous problems and qualms of the people.

For example, for the past four years, most of Ellen’s officials have had very bad relationships with either their deputies, assistants and other junior officials and staff, and the communities in which they live.

At their various ministries, agencies and corporations, they create hurdles in the operations of these junior officials as a way of rendering them ineffective only because they feel uncomfortable working with them due to the fact that they may either see them as  not bang  their types or threats to their corrupt ambitions.

In view of the foregoing, recommendations are made for transfer, suspension or dismissal and honored by Madam President without preliminary inquiries.

I need not to mention the cases of Lavelle Kortima and the Former Comptroller of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry versus the Former Minister now Foreign Minister Olubeke King-Akerele, as well as Posts and Telecommunications Minister Jeremiah Sulonteh versus his Former Assisatant Minister, Thiery Genesis and Comptroller, Paul Bee and many more.

The failure of most of these officials to relate to the communities in which they live is also rendering Her Excellency unpopular.

In my mind, these are individuals upon whom she depends to explain what the Presidency entails (it’s not actually for the cash, but their presence among these community dwellers). From their vehicles into their fences, greetings, to say less, are just too difficult- Just too “big and bad” they feel to interact, and then, Madam President takes all of the blames.

Many, as well as I believe that the President is at times, knowledgeable about most of the negative behaviors and attitudes of her lieutenants and confidants, but fails to take corrective measures.

Her blind eyes and deaf ears to the mal-administrative practices executed by her confidants and other associates, including corruption, are the worst things entangling her popularity, not only in Monrovia and its environs, but the entire rural Liberia (I beg. My reference is to the ordinary Liberians.

Don’t count leaders of political parties and other politicians in my argument, who just sit here in Monrovia without reaching out to the rest of Liberia and unnecessarily criticize as if they’ve never worked in government and elsewhere and performed dismally).

If one conducts a survey on this Presidency, he or she would realize that out of every five ordinary Liberians, Ellen would attract two-an indication of the possibility of overcoming her unpopularity, provided immediate actions are  be taken to remedy  such.

I think, Madam President needs not only to concentrate on those of the Unity Party for services, but also those who are quite familiar with the political terrains, including towns, villages, communities and student and other groups, and have the ability and capacity to exercise influences based on their relationships (interactions) with those institutions in other to restore the pace at which she began initially.

With all of odds, I do understand her situations, but there’s nothing greater than God. Actions and decisions that Madam President must take in the interest of the nation must be guided by the Will of the Almighty in the planning and implementation processes.

Sincerely, with the political will coupled with her achievements thus far just within three years, she means well. But the fact that she has given too much credence to the enemies of progress within the corridors of her Presidency, she continues to experience decline in her popularity.

Now. I mean now is the time to disregard the devil with her face up high for  all of the suggestions mentioned herewithin for renewal, thus keeping her hope and those of all well meaning Liberians, throughout the length and breath of Liberia, alive for national growth and development.

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