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LOOKING INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE – Morlu vs. The Rest- Part 1

Since the commencement of the HIPC audit under the auspices of the General Auditing Commission or GAC, there continues to be an in-house fight within the Liberian Government.

Such conflict is a result of the audit reports covering a number of government ministries, released by the GAC headed by Mr. John Morlu. It is actually Auditor General John Morlu versus the rest of the government.

It is also an open fact that since Morlu’s pronouncement a few years ago that “this government was three time corrupt than the past government” relations between the Auditor General and Executive Mansion (President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf) has been very rocky—and that’s the genesis of what Liberians are today witnessing.

While I may not personally know John Morlu or others involved in the campaigns to” save face and destroy the others”, I think the government is doing itself injustice. What’s more troubling is the trends the situation has taken—the smear campaign launched against the Liberian Auditor General by the Executive Mansion and Ministry of Finance.

Having closely followed the saga, It has become very clear that that the whole Morlu Versus the Rest is a ploy to expose the young to public ridicule—something that is very difficult to achieve inspire of the thousands of U.S. dollars being spread around. Take for example, the sexual harassment alleged by Mrs. Ruth Yeaher of the GAC against Morlu.

Considering all that Morlu has gone through with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, coupled with the indictment of Ruth Yeaher’s brother, Superintendent Chris Bailey of Grand Gedeh County and Anthony Yeaher, husband of Ruth and Development Superintendent of River Gee County, it is very easy to deduce why the Auditor General of Liberia had to be linked to sexual harassment.

While I may not be in the position to lay down my neck for Morlu as President Sirleaf did for the Finance Minister publicly, it is very clear that Ruth was programmed and financially capacitated to uncoordinatedly lie on the young man in broad day light.

One trade mark of this President of Liberia is her ability to get at individuals she perceives as threats to her interest through the sponsorship of smear campaigns,

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Unfortunately, those who implement these campaigns are the same ones who expose these secrets and their sponsors to either “girl friends” or close friends on “flipping table (at entertainment centers) as evidenced by the two journalists used by the Minister of Finance, Augustine Ngafuan to do propaganda.

Mr. Ngafuan must understand that he is too young to allow himself to be used by someone who has already lived her life and is about to take her exit, he must also understand that he has a future, and must consult his colleagues at the Ministry of Finance who are more versed in national politics than he is, and stop dishing out cash for a battle he cannot win.

I am even wondering as to what actually clicked to his mind to sponsor a move, through another flunky, Representative Dusty Wolokollie of Montserrado County, for John Morlu and his GAC to be audited by the very Ministry of Finance already entangled by corruption allegations.

Didn’t Wolokollie and Ngafuan know that the 1973 Executive Order referred to by the very Representative was repealed? Again, thanks to the wisdom of our few well-meaning comrades in the House of Representatives who saw the move as being very useless for consideration.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf must understand that there are unsentimental Liberians watching her and her activities with eagle eyes, and those, like Ngafuan that are allowing themselves  to undermine the very government they serve will have to seriously regret their actions in the future.

I am of the fervent belief that if the GAC had professionally erred wherever in its audit process, it would have been proper for the Executive Mansion and Finance Ministry to constructive engages Kohn Morlu for a common ground.

Now that attempts for the Finance Ministry to audit the General Auditing Commission have failed, now that the President has placed her neck on the chopping for Ngafuan, now that the ears of Liberians are tired of listening to all of the bath-mouthing, and now that the Ruth Yeaher’s allegation of sexual harassment needs to be proven beyond all reasonable doubts, what is the next strategy

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