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LOOKING INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE – This, Too Is Liberia, A Rejoinder

In its Monday, May 10, 2010 edition, the Democrat published again, the photo of Bong County Representative, George Sylvester Mulbah in an apparent sleepy mood, under the caption: This, Too Is Liberia, Under this caption, Mr. Tom Kamara wrote:

“Threshold Bill ! What Threshold Bill? There’s no rush, we have everything under control. We still have enough time to trash out that Threshold Bill. And even if we don’t come up with anything, I will be sleeping, I mean, relaxing in this soft leather seat dreaming about all the wonderful things I can do for my constituents.

Sometimes one wonders as to why would someone who claims to be a veteran journalist want to continuously be in the business of mischief-making by engaging in such?

As a result of an investigation conducted following the publication of this photo and its accompanying negative inscriptions, it has become a realization that Mr. Tom Kamara’s primary objective for such unprofessionalism is to expose radical opposition members of the House of Representatives to public ridicule, one of which is George Sylvester Mulbah, in order to satisfy his sponsors.

One clear example has to do with the issue of the Threshold, which Kamara mentioned in the inscriptions under Mulbah’s photo.

It is an open fact that because George and a few strong others continue to oppose the Threshold at 54, 500 as passed by the Liberian Senate, Tom must continue to crucify him under sponsorship at the pleasure of his admirers, only because he is guy who does the “dirty jobs” always.

The fact of the matter is that the Bong County Representative had just attended last year’s July 26 Independence celebrations in Gbarnga and had to come to Monrovia very early the next morning for a joint-session of the two Houses for the address of the  President of Namibia.

Long before the arrival of the President and commencement of the Joint Session, Hon. Mulbah may have decided to take a nap in the empty chamber, when he was photographed.

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Since then, Tom Kamara continues to publish this photo, with negative impressions about this very progressive young honorable gentlemen, whose primary  interest is his people in Bong County and Liberia, unlike him, who doesn’t have no feelings for his family members, least to say his people in Sierra Leone.

Tom Kamara has no time for his own image or self respect, once the cash is made available upfront. It is no secret that Tom and Democrat receive huge cash from the government, through a number of ministries and agencies, including the Executive Mansion, General Auditing Commission, etc., etc.

At some point-in-time, the greatest bidders among these government institutions succeed against the others when there are corruption allegations, as evidenced by his recent coverage of various GAC reports.

For those who do not know Tom Kamara, it’s just unfortunate. He is just a “veteran opinionist”’ as a journalist once referred to him during one of the editions of the Edward Wilmot Blyden Forum hosted monthly by the Press Union of Liberia- a man whose business is to use his private newspaper to defame the image of people without any sense of professional reasoning.

From all indications, he is actually the best friend of the President, Madam Sirleaf for now. Certain government ministries and agencies are under straight instructions from her to advertise with Tom Kamara’s Democrat. Look in that paper and say, it’s not true.

He was even made consultant for the National Election Commission in 2005, again on recommendation from the top, for her own public relations reason during the elections, even though Madam Sirleaf was not President, but a serious associate.

Tom speaks and writes negatively about others as part of his mercenary journalism when paid. But have you ever asked him how he got his printing press and the purpose for which that press was given? Have you asked Tom what he told the TRC when he appeared under the cover of darkness, concerning his initial role in the NPFL? Have you also asked him about his role in the November 12, 1985 abortive invasion against one of Liberia’s most progressive Leaders, the Late President Samuel Kanyon Doe? What about how he became” a group of ’77” (i,e, how he got shot and why )?

There may be more revelations on these in due course, but for now, the issue is bad-mouthing people without any cause as he (Tom Kamara) is doing.

If he has been ignoring this before, this brother must be aware by now that one who lives in a glass house must not throw stones.

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