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“Loose and baseless talk”

-Gov't replies CDC

The Government of Liberia wastes no time in swiftly responding to a barrage of criticisms spewed out here by the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, terming them as |loose and baseless.”

By: Kruah Thompson 

Monrovia, Liberia, May 31, 2024—The Government of Liberia has described Wednesday’s May 29 press conference held by the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) as loose and baseless talk.

In the press conference, the Acting Chairman of the CDC, Janga Kowo, expressed serious disappointment in the Unity Party-led government for allegedly mishandling the situation since it took office.

Chairman Kowo, in his disappointment, referenced the controversial 285 yellow machines, the government’s failure to stabilize prices of basic commodities, including rice, petroleum products, transportation fare, and harsh economic conditions faced by ordinary Liberians, which he noted are signs of a failing government. 

According to him, this demonstrates the Unity Party’s incompetence to lead and has caused the country to rapidly decline during its few days of governance.

However, in response to these allegations, the government, through a rebuttal, says these statements are loose and baseless talk coming from a party that failed the Liberian people for six years.

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Speaking at the Ministry of Information, Culture, Affairs, and Tourism’s regular press briefing on Thursday, May 30, 2024, Deputy Minister for Information Services Mathew Nyamplu emphasized that the CDC does not deserve a response, but they had to do so to set the record straight.

He says that, contrary to what he terms false and baseless claims, Liberia was rescued from an evil empire brought on the people by the CDC and is now progressing on a path to prosperity.

Referring to the former ruling party as an epitome of evil, he reminds the CDC about what it means for Liberia to face decline under their governance.

“Following their reign of errors, we just want to list a few examples of what it means for the country to be in massive decline,” Minister Nyamplu continues.

He cites examples of the nation’s decline when President Weah built 47 duplexes in his first hundred days and when the former president tore down his dilapidated mansion and rebuilt it into a mansion worth millions of dollars.

“When leaders of their administration are sanctioned over corruption and other forms of human rights abuses, and they steal partners’ money, openly rebuked, and people cried openly about their development, and people in the president’s circle are accused of killing auditors, EPS officers like Melvin Kinsley,” he counters.

According to the government, when a football president cannot develop sports and international matches cannot be played, that is the epitome of the country in decline.

He notes that when sixteen billion United States dollars disappeared in broad daylight and leaders of the CDC government were sanctioned for corruption and all forms of human rights abuses, “that is the typical example of what it means for the nation to be in decline.”

The deputy MICAT Boss further observes that Liberia under the Weah administration was in total decline, with the Liberian people saying, “No, we cannot continue with this administration for the next six years.”

However, he challenges those who want to know the test of decline to look back six years when the nation was taken, for which the Boakai administration was elected to rescue the population, and that is what they are doing right now. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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