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Lord, all their dirty secrets shall come to light

Dear Father:
Hmmm, we are here. Ehn all their dirty secrets coming outside small, small. The Good Old Book can’t lie. It says at the end, all the hidden things shall come to light. It is left with my fellow villagers to see and know the kina mind the big, big people in our village have for this place.

Can you imagine this Father? These people really get mind oo. You mean they are willing to do just anything for the cash in their pockets even if it means selling our village or changing portion of our Oracle that protects our last remaining resource to favor a stranger just for the cash?

No, these people time have ended for true. How can they be so unpatriotic. Was it not this same Chief who jumped from this very sinking boat the other day crying clean? And here he is playing judge and lawyer at the same time.

But what is not surprising at all is the Rooster-man, who doesn’t care about anything else but just the cash-that he will go to that length to tell some strangers to pay some money to our chiefs and other big big people in this village so they can change our Oracle in their favor shows no class, and no moral-it’s all for the dollar bill. So why the Old Lady would single out the town-criers when she could have removed the mot from her inner cycles first. Doesn’t she know that the town criers are reflection of the village. If the most powerful people are receiving brines every day, what do you expect those poor pen pushers to do? You better clean up your own backyard first and tell your chiefs to clean up then you can now cross the carpet to tell the town-criers who are like some of your people to also clean up.
Isn’t it very shameful Father? No wonder when you visit their fiefdoms call counties, they look like hamlets. And you sometimes wonder why people of such class will come from such places and do little or nothing in those villages. All because their only concerns are to put money in their pockets-and they will stop at nothing even if it means selling the entire village.

Hahaha, my son don’t make me laugh ya-people of class my foot. Father, it is so serious. These people have fooled us over the years and deceived us too, making us to believe that they are up to good but the truth is they don’t get for dame how we the villagers feel.

And trust me, come the voting time they will be flying around here again asking the villagers to put them back. But one question, I would like every villager to ask himself or herself is since these people took over our village, how have your life been? Have your life change for any better? And I am not just talking about the Old Lady, as for her, her time is done. She can’t come back even if age was in her favor. But I am talking about all the chiefs from both ends of our Traditional Council too. It’s a serious pity.

You know for a second there Father, I thought it was only the late Yule Blunder that was corrupt to the teeth. But we have been wrong through all along.  Father, these people must go! All of them should be voted out come next year. Not one of them should remain. Let them go they have sold enough of our resources from oil to iron ore, and even our poor people farm lands.

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The ugly truth about these people is that the people that will come with good intentions to help our poor people are the ones they often frustrate and send packing broke after dry cleaning them. They do so because they do not come through them. And the fact that they see nothing in there for them, they frustrate such people and they end up leaving.
But those who have the same rogue mentality like them are the very people they like. And these are the very rascals that come and rip-off our meager resources and tell us to kiss their asses.
Oh, yes, certainly Father, I would do the same. You mean if I can get you to change your Oracle to favor me, it means I own you and I can do anything and get away with impunity.
You think why these people today in power want us to remain half baked educated? And truly so, they are achieving their goals gradually.
The other day, I heard the Old Lady talking about town criers in blackmail and extortion. Let me give her this friendly advice, it will never stop as long as your people keep stealing and hiding their dirty deeds somewhere else. It will surely explore in their faces just like the one we will take up to next year to talk about. And take it from me today , next year plenty dirt will come outside. And I know, they have their executioners around but some of us are waiting for next year, we will sweep their closet just to fulfill prophecy-All the hidden things will come out at the end. And 2017 is their end.
They all have secrets, and surely we will find them and put them outside. They must all go, they have stolen from us for too long. All the bank accounts bearing those fictitious names will be exposed. And if you know you have been chopping at some of those big, big places like the people responsible for the ships, oil and others, your names are coming out soon.
It is better to shame them now, or we remain enslave by them forever. And in this campaign there will be no demilitarize zone.

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